The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, November 5, 1918
Soccer Notes

The Bethlehem Steel - New York Shipbuilding F. C. game in the first round National Cup will be played on Saturday on Bethlehem Steel Field. The disappointments of the past two weeks has only added to the enthusiasm of both teams.

When the Steel Workers line up against the Shipbuilders on Saturday they will soon realize that they are up against an entirely different class of players than the Scots and nothing but first class soccer from the start will enable them to enter the second round.

The winner of the New York-Bethlehem game on Saturday will meet the widely heralded Merchants Ship A team in the second round of the National Cup. Merchant Ship will be the visitors.

The work of the Bethlehem forward line was exceptionally fine last Sunday, and there is little possibility of any change being made in the attack.

The Bethlehem left halfback position has been uncertain all season, and if Pepper is fully recovered from his injury he probably will be seen in that position. Pepper always played halfback before coming to Bethlehem.

Bethlehem expects the greatest danger from the New York left wing with Tommy Swords, the International captain, being the man who they will pay most attention to. Murray and Fletcher took good care of him in the National Cup final last year, and it is expected that Kirkpatrick and Fletcher will be just as effective.

Bethlehem Steel have been selected to play the pick of the Philadelphia districts on Nov. 10th, at the Phillies' grounds, and on Sunday, the 17th, will travel to Newark and play the pick of Canada, both games for the Sports War Work fund. The Bethlehem Steel Company management will pay all expenses of the champions in those games.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club