The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, November 5, 1925
Steel Soccer Team Will Meet Tail-enders on Home Field Saturday.

The big practice for the Bethlehem Steel soccer team in getting an edge for the setto with Newark here on Saturday afternoon, in an American Soccer League game was held this afternoon and early evening. Newark comes to Bethlehem as the tail end club in the league standings, but in spite of this lowly position, the Bethlehem crowd accepts the game with serious consideration and the management will more than likely field what in their estimation will be the best club.

The Steel Workers have thus far this season dropped entirely too many points, and taking a page from last year's campaigning, realizes that the points lost in the forepart of the season had a marked effect on the club's chances in the closing sprint of the championship race.

Steel Team Will Surprise

That the Steel Workers have the goods and will be a hard club to stop is apparent by the few lines typed by Ernest J. Viberg, of New York, possibly one of the ablest soccer critics in the country. Viberg says: "It seems to us that Bethlehem Steel are on their way up toward the top. The Steelmen with the best reserves in the league will undoubtedly show their true worth when the bad weather comes along with other clubs handicapped by injured players as the result of hard grounds."

Such is the same opinion prevailing in the local camp, but it is the points that can be picked up in early season that also must be considered, and if the handicap is too great a whirlwind finish will be of little avail. With that in mind, the Steel Workers are determined to step out and grab all the early points possible and it will be a determined Bethlehem machine to square off against Newark on Saturday afternoon.

The lineup that Bethlehem will decide upon will probably not be selected until the day of the game. Usually it is held in abeyance pending weather and ground conditions. However, no matter what the conditions are the choice will hardly affect the backs and goal positions. Dave Carson, who has been idle for several weeks, is expected to get back into harness as custodian. Davy Ferguson and Allan are most likely as the back selections, and the celebrated trio of Carnihan, MacGregor and McDonald is certain for the halfback posts.

Rollo and Granger Hurt
It is hardly likely that either Rollo or Granger will be back for this game. Both were injured several weeks ago and though evidently none the worse for their hurts will probably be given an opportunity to thoroughly recover. This is possible with the excellent array of talent for the front line. Malcolm Goldie and Arthur Robertson will more than likely comprise the left wing with the right wing selected from among Jim Purvis, George Forrest and Johnny Jaap. There is but one choice for center forward and that is Archie Stark.

The game will be played on the Bethlehem Steel Field, with kick-off at 3 p.m.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club