The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, November 6, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Professional Stars vs. Amateurs
According to a news dispatch from Toronto, Canada, there is considerable criticism in the Dominion over the international soccer contest scheduled for Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, N. Y., when the pick of four clubs in the American Soccer League oppose a hand-picked team from the Dominion. Says Billy Fenton, a well-known soccer authority, in this dispatch:

"The selection of professional players who are not American citizens to meet Canada's amateur team has created dissatisfaction in certain circles. Not only are the majority of these players professionals, but several are not United States citizens. The first rule of international matches is that each team shall be composed of citizens of the country for which the player participates.

The Passing of Whitey Fleming
While hashing over soccer, our attention is called to Tommy "Whitey" Fleming, who apparently has seen his best days in the sport and is now at the stage where Father Time is making his presence felt. This much is gathered by recent action of the Boston F. C., the club in the American Soccer League with which he was affiliated. Whitey has been placed on the open transfer list, meaning that he can become the property of any club in the circuit desiring his services. In his prime, Fleming was one of the best outside lefts in the country. When with Bethlehem, the white-topped outside left was conceded to possess one of the most wicked left feet in the game. Fleming's American career started with Bethlehem back in the old days, when it grew a habit for the Steel Workers to win cups and championships. For about 10 years he starred on the Bethlehem front line and then relinquished his affiliations to join J & P Coats at Pawtucket, R. I. "Whitey's slipping" was the opinion of many soccer critics, but Whitey fooled them by playing for Coats in his familiar dashing style. After remaining with Coats for two seasons he received a flattering offer to join the Boston club and made the jump. That was a year ago this season and until quite recently Whitey was a fixture at outside left. Fleming is about 36 years of age and if really through, concludes a most active career.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club