The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, November 6, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Sparta's En Route For Home
Last year it was the Hakoahs, a Jewish organization of soccer players who came to America and in their tour set things soccer-wise topsy turvy. The Hakoahs left with an excellent record and some high figures under the cover of a check book. This year it was the Sparta team from Prague, Czechoslovakia champions, that dashed here and there playing to big gates and then beat it home with another excellent record. Funny, too, these international champions should not meet the American soccer champions. Twelve games were played by the Spartans during their stay in the United States, of which they won seven, drew three and lost two. The defeats were in Fall River, early in the tour, and in Brooklyn. Let's hope that if there is to be another foreign soccer champion to honor America with a visit, at least one of their tilts be given a real international aspect and that the national champion be a party to such a game. After all, it is the champion that is the logical opponent.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club