The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 7, 1921
Steel Soccer Team Forced Out of Race by 4 to 1 Defeat on Sunday

The Bethlehem Steel F. C., under the guidance of Billy Sheridan, were eliminated from the National Cup competition on Saturday afternoon when the S. B. and B. W. Fleisher eleven, of Philadelphia, defeated the Bethlehemites in the second round, winning by the score of 4 goals to 1.

Fleisher won the toss and played with the wind at its back. The first half had been in progress about 15 minutes when Taylor came through with a fine goal. However, it was not so long after when J. Morrison put his team on equal terms, his goal coming from an awkward angle against the wind.

After the teams crossed over they played clever soccer, each being unable to penetrate the respective goals. After the first of the extra periods commenced the Bethlehem team went to pieces, and Malley contributed a goal after four minutes of play, followed five minutes later by Straden, and a third goal resulted from a corner kick made by Malley, the ball going into the hands of Widdoss, the Bethlehem custodian, who was unable to prevent the goal, but the latter, nevertheless, played a good game. The lineup:

Fleisher -- Bethlehem
Kucklick -- G -- Widdoss
Fleming -- RFB -- Fletcher
King -- LFB -- Metzger
T. Derbyshire -- RHB -- W. Morrison
Taylor -- CHB -- R. Morrison
Walker -- LHB -- Agsten
Malley -- OR -- J. Morrison
MacKay -- IR -- Easton Straden -- CF -- . . . . McLaughlin -- IL -- Mayer
Galloway -- OL -- Lehr
Referee: W. E. Hinds; linesmen, W. Gallagher and Paulson. Time of halves: 45 minutes and extra periods of 15 minutes each. Goals for Fleisher: Taylor, Malley 2, Straden; goal for Bethlehem, J. Morrison.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club