The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, November 8, 1917

After finding it impossible to induce Disston to come to Bethlehem on Saturday for a league game, the Bethlehem Steel has decided to go to Disston rather than be without a game. Disston was scheduled to play Babcock and Wilcox, and Bethlehem was booked to play Scottish-Americans in a league game, but owing to Babcock and Wilcox and Scottish-Americans playing a tie in the National Cup last Sunday a rearrangement of the schedule was made necessary, as all cup games have preference over league games.

This will be the first appearance of the Steel Workers in Philadelphia this season and a big crowd will certainly be on hand to witness the game. Disston has been strengthening up its team with the avowed intention of stopping the winning streak of the Steel Workers, and no doubt will put up a great game, but the American Cup holders are in great shape just now and are confident of annexing the points.

Owing to the ineffectiveness of the Steel Workers' forward line in the Paterson game one or two changes will be made in the lineup against Disston.

Duncan's display in goal for the Steel Workers at Paterson was of a high order and the understanding between him and the fullbacks was a source of favorable comment from the many Bethlehem admirers.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club