The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, November 8, 1923
Steel Team In Fourth Place In League Standing, But Is Advancing

Fall River continues to lead in the American Soccer League race, although the last two weeks has witnessed a lessening in the gap that separated the Fall River outfit in the standing over their rival contenders. Bethlehem, by its victory over the National Giants, of New York, advanced in the climb to the top of the ladder, although still trailing in fourth position. However, with the schedule not half completed and with Bethlehem still listed for four games with each of its leading rivals, the standing of the teams at this time cannot be taken very seriously.

Because of the second round National Cup competition, to be played on Saturday afternoon, the American League contests scheduled will have to be postponed. National Cup games always get the preference. The Bethlehems will be engaged in conflict with the Fairhill F. C. of Philadelphia, a game to be played in Philadelphia. The latter team does not loom up as any of the formidable contenders and therefore little concern is felt by Bethlehem enthusiasts over the outcome.

Probably the most attractive of the cup classic in the east on Saturday will be staged at Fall River. The leading clan under the wing of Harold Brittan is drawn to meet J & P Coats, at Pawtucket, R. I., the latter runner-up for the national title last season and champion of the American Soccer League.

The standing of the league to date, together with the leading goal scorers, follows:

Fall River Played 6, won 4, drew 2, lost 0, goals for 11, against 5, points 10.

New York Played 5, won 4, drew 0, lost 1, goals for 17, against 6, points 8.

J & P Coats Played 6, won 3, drew 2, lost 1, goals for 19, against 10, points 8.

Bethlehem Played 5, won 2, drew 2, lost 1, goals for 14, against 11, points 6.

Brooklyn Played 5, won 2, drew 2, lost 1, goals for 6, against 5, points 6.

National Giants Played 7, won 1, drew 2, lost 4, goals for 9, against 16, points 4.

Newark Played 5, won 1, drew 0, lost 4, goals for 4, against 11, points 2.

Philadelphia Played 5, won 0, drew 0, lost 5, goals for 3, against 19, points 0.

Goal Scorers

Fleming Coats 7
A. Stark New York -- 7
Adam Coats 5
Heeps Giants 4
A. Jackson Bethlehem 4
Reid Fall River 4
McGee New York 4
Dugan New York 4
Campbell Fall River 3
McLeavy Coats 3
Goldie Bethlehem 3
Grainger Bethlehem 3
W. Jackson Bethlehem 3
McNiven New York 3
Harvey Coats 2
Hogg Brooklyn 2
Sweeney Giants -- 2

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club