The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 8, 1926
Coats and Newark the Latest to Contribute to Triumphant March

The Bethlehem soccer team was very much in evidence over the weekend, strengthening its position as the leading club in the American Soccer League by its victories over Coats and Newark, both games played on foreign fields, and also contributing a play to the All-American team which so decisively defeated an All-Canadian eleven in Brooklyn on Saturday. Today the Steelworkers are meeting the Ulster United, champions of Canada, in a holiday game in Toronto.

Coats on Short End

Bethlehem made its first appearance at Pawtucket before its largest attendance of the season, which can be construed as a compliment to the attractive powers of the Steelworkers. The game was played under most favorable weather conditions and won by Bethlehem, 1 goal to none.

The Bethlehem halfback line bore a strange appearance, by reason of McDonald's incapacity and Carnihan's appearance in the International game against Canada.

Losing the toss, Bethlehem played against a strong sun and a slight breeze, resulting in the Coats team having the predominance of play during the first half. The Coats forward line lacked cohesiveness, for, even in spite of the advantage of play, there was no consistent attack that game the slightest intimation of a scoring possibility. On one occasion, however, when Crilley was through, MacGregor appeared hopeless from preventing a score. Several corners were obtained by the home team, but they were cleared in no uncertain manner.

At no time during the first half did the Bethlehem forward line function in its customary manner, due credit for which must be given to the home defense. Just before the close of the period Forrest and a defender collided, resulting in disabling the Steelworker to such an extent that it was necessary to replace him at half time with Gillespie. The injury, fortunately, did not prove serious enough to prevent Forrest's appearance with the Steelworkers today at Toronto.

With the sun and wind in their favor in the second half, the Steelworkers set about their work in a workmanlike fashion, and proceeded to give a display of their usual game. From the kickoff, the ball was worked to the right wing, back to the center, again to the wing, and Stark recovering the ball by a great effort from going over the line, managed to center while on the run, from which great effort Gillespie completed a magnificent display by cleverly placing the ball beyond the goalkeeper's reach. This goal was scored without the ball being played by a solitary Coats player.

Bethlehem -- Coats
Edwards -- G -- Parks
Allen -- LFB -- Allan
Barrie -- RHB -- Tate
MacGregor -- LHB -- McAvoy
Rankin -- CHB -- Perry
Robertson -- RHB -- Drummond
Goldie -- OL -- McGrane
Forrest -- IL -- Murtis
Granger -- CF -- Crilley
Stark -- IR -- Adams
Jaap -- OR -- Harvie
Goals -- Gillespie. Substitutions -- Gillespie for Granger. Referee -- Odell. Linesmen -- Votalatto and Murray. Time of game -- two 45 minute halves.

Down Newark 3 to 1

The arrangement of the Bethlehem side against Newark on Sunday was concerned with the problem of reserving as many players as possible for the next day's engagement at Toronto, Canada. It was felt, however, that the most important task was that of earning league points, and the performances of the Newark club on its home pasture were sufficient to warrant fielding the strongest team possible. T he game gave conclusive evidence of Newark's strength, for it required the Steelworkers' best efforts to return with a victory by the score of 3 to 1.

The forward line was substantially that of the previous season, with Rollo displacing Forrest at inside left, and Stark again resuming his position at center. This combination gave one of its characteristic displays, and Rollo, in particular, seemingly has regained his best form. Unfortunately for him, midway during the second half, while in the act of heading, he was charged so as to lose his balance and fall, to cause a slight knee dislocation.

Although Newark's ground is of turf, its diagonal arrangement and the narrowness of the pitch, being no more than 80 yards wide, had much to do with causing the game to be closely contested. About five minutes before half time, Stark, receiving a pass from Granger, while on the half turn drove a terrific shot, which the goalkeeper managed to reach with his fingers to deflect it, but not to stop it from entering the net. This was the extent of the scoring at half time.

Immediately upon resumption Bethlehem set about in no uncertain fashion to place the club further ahead. Beautiful combination between the halfbacks and forwards resulted in Stark cleverly drawing the defense and slipping the ball to Jaap, who was verging into goal, and enabling him to place the ball beyond the goalkeeper's reach. The same combination shortly after had the same result, and much credit is due to Jaap for his shooting accuracy. At this stage Rollo received his injury, necessitating injecting Gillespie. Later on Reid received his first baptism under Bethlehem colors by displacing Ferguson, who had given his usual masterly display.

Just five minutes before time, during a laxness of the defense, a ball placed across the goal mouth left the outside right unmarked, so that his task of placing the ball beyond Edwards' reached was comparatively simple. The game ended with Bethlehem victorious 3-1, and incidentally eliminating a brilliant weekend's performance. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Newark
Edwards -- G -- Murdock
Eadie -- RFB -- Marshall
Ferguson -- LFB -- Herd
Rankin -- RHB -- Foy
Carnihan -- CHB -- Thomson
MacGregor -- LHB -- Nicol
Jaap -- OR -- Costa
Granger -- IR -- Kirby
Stark -- CF -- White
Rollo -- IL -- Green
Goldie -- OL -- Daley
Referee: J. Coutts. Linesmen: A. Laurie and J. Welsh. Goals -- Bethlehem: Jaap 2, Stark; Newark, White. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club