Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
November 8, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Threatening Bethlehem's Reputation
It is an experience quite unique to journey the loop of major league soccer teams and find here and there some direct criticism against the sportsmanship of the home town customers. And that is exactly what is being done. So pronounced has become this criticism that the managements have taken cognizance and are planning some means to curb the enthusiastic rooter who in the heat of battle perhaps forgets himself to the extent of encroaching on the field, hurling vile epithets and making threatening gestures. It is readily realized that such conduct is not of malicious intent and the managements do not plan to be harsh but merely as a reminder will probably erect a barrier to the rear of the respective goals and also along the side of the field. Determined to retain the dignified respect always according visiting players, fans are urged to cooperate in this movement. Youngsters who frolic with loose balls and others who cavort riotously through the stands much to the annoyance of the spectators, will also find the lid clamped on such conduct.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club