The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 10, 1924
Smashed its Way to a 4 Goal Lead in First Period of Soccer Game

Undaunted by a 4-goal lead New Bedford battled valiantly against the strong Bethlehem Steel F. C. on Saturday afternoon to overcome the margin but fell two goals shy of accomplishing the purpose at the final whistle. Bethlehem completely outclassed the New England visitors in the first half but the superiority of the Steel Workers was not as convincing in the second half.

Brilliant defensive work by Taylor, the visitors' goalie, plus shots directed at the citadel which missed by scant margins, seemed to serve as a tonic to inspiring the visitors to greater efforts and the forward movements that were so glaringly lacking in the first half were quite frequently pronounced in the last forty-five minutes of play.

Bethlehem started with a vengeance that indicated a complete route, but New Bedford fought back courageously and were successful in holding the powerful Steel forward line scoreless in the second half while Cameron, a former Bethlehem player, notched two goals for his teammates.

Duncan Cameron, for a short time a Steel Worker, surprised the home folks with his brilliant work at center forward. Several hard bumps seemed to slow up the visitors' center in the last half but in spite of that condition he was always dangerous.

Both New Bedford goals were counted by Duncan, one that completely beat Highfield and the other leaving his toe with such speed that the ball twisted out of Highfield's hands and located in the net.

Archie Stark increased his goal scoring average by three against the New England visitors. One was the result of a penalty but gave Taylor a better opportunity to frustrate the effort than had Stark taken the shot when fouled.

The Bethlehem center forward eluded the backs and was within a few yards of the goal mouth when he was brought down from the rear. Taking the kick on penalty Stark crashed the ball into the net with the speed of a bullet.

Bethlehem's other count was registered by Forrest, outside right. Forrest shot diagonally from a bad angle, but his aim was true.

Forrest impressed as a player who will be very valuable on the Bethlehem forward line. Frequently taking a shot at goal and several missing by a narrow margin, is certain to draw more than casual attention from the backs.

Taylor, the visitors' goalie, did about the neatest work between the uprights witnessed on the local field this season. He apparently was at his best for his work was nothing less than phenomenal. More than one accurate shot he turned back when it seemed hopelessly beaten.

Sinclair, Wilson and Izatt were also very much in evidence on the visitors' defense.

Putting the ball in the goal mouth seems a specialty of Goldie. The Bethlehem speed merchant sure can place them.

His corner kick in the opening minute of play on which Stark scored seemed to be sailing past the goal mouth, but a little leap by the Bethlehem center forward and a deft touch with the head, located the ball into the right-hand corner of the net.

That forward line combination of Forrest, Grainger, Stark, Maxwell and Goldie, looks to be about as dangerous as any in the league. In cleverly manipulating the ball Granger and Maxwell seem in a class by themselves.

McDonald, McGregor and Robertson gave a splendid display for Bethlehem on the halfback line and were well supported by Jock Young and the veteran Jock Ferguson.

Bethlehem annexed two more points in the league race. The twin bill over the next week, however, promises to be a supreme test.

Brooklyn will be one of the principals on the Steel Field next Saturday, and for the benefit of those who might have forgotten the Brooklynites are the only club in the league able to defeat Boston thus far this season and after a hard game held Fall River to a two-goal draw the following day.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club