The Globe South Bethlehem
Monday, November 11, 1912 page 12
Bethlehem, 2; Reading, 0.

Bethlehem on Saturday defeated Reading by the score of 2-0, which leaves the former the only undefeated team in the league, thus far. On Marsh ball park, Saturday afternoon before a large crowd the local team adding another victory to its string after a very hard and exciting game. The local team lacked the services of their captain and is still suffering from injuries received in the Smith A. A. game. Garvey won the toss and took advantage of the wind. The game opened up fast and the defense was given plenty of work though the local forward line was not nearly as effective as it had been. Fleming was subject to considerable attention by his opponent and moreover McIntosh, the Reading center halfback extended Laure {?}the local center forward to the full and gave him very little latitude thus making him somewhat erratic. There were occasions when he gave a flash of his brilliancy. Both teams were playing hard and eventually Fleming swung the ball across and Lewis dashing up made no mistake in placing the ball into the net, the goalkeeper having no chance whatever of saving the shot and giving Bethlehem the lead after thirty minutes of play. This was the only score before half time and at the change of ends, Bethlehem led 1-0. The second half was a repetition of the first both teams playing hard, the defense on both sides shining, with Peacock easily the best player on the field. After twenty-five minutes of play Lance scored the second goal for Bethlehem, the play was fast and exciting after this both sides began to rough it and the closing stages of the game were intense. Bethlehem was continually pressing at the finish but could not add to their score and a great game ended with the final score, Bethlehem, 2; Reading, 0.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club