The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Thursday, November 11, 1926
Whalers Have Always Found Bethlehem Steel a Jonah on Local Field

Despite the fact that New Bedford has never yet been successful in lowering the colors of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team in Bethlehem, the Whalers will make a fifth attempt to break the losing spell on Saturday. In the four previous trips to Bethlehem, New Bedford has met with defeat by 4-2, 2-0, 3-2 and 4-1. The old New Bedford club of eleven years back came as near beating Bethlehem as any of the teams from Whaletown, holding the Steelmen to a 2-1 win at the time the Bethlehem club was without doubt the best in the country.

Has Speedy New Men

New Bedford will present several players who will be new to Bethlehem fans, these including Sam Chadgzoy, Billy Gibson, Dave Connell, Billy Ritchie and Bob Hutchinson. Chadgzoy is the outstanding personality among the new stars on the New Bedford roster. A seasoned campaigner who has represented England in eight representative matches, Chadgzoy for many seasons was the outside right of Everton in the English League. He appeared with the “Toffee Makers” in thirty-eight league games last season, being the most regular member of the team. He also appeared in three inter-league games for England, so that in all he was capped eleven times. Playing straight football, and abhorring the shady tactics that sometimes creep into soccer due to the excitement of league strive, Chadgzoy is one of the most gentlemanly players in the American Soccer League, and wins his way into the hearts of the fans wherever he appears. The Bethlehem field should find him at his best.

Gibson, left fullback of the team, playing his first season in this country, has made good to the extent that he has the preference over Jimmy Hunter, the former Falkirk and Newcastle United star. For a number of seasons, he was with Dunbarton in the Scottish League and was with Greenock Morton when that team won the Scottish Cup, defeating Glasgow Rangers in the final.

Connell, right halfback, a young chap of 22 who is making his way as one of the regulars of the team, stands five feet, ten inches and weights 155 pounds, being an ideal build for the halfback division. He was formerly with Port Glasgow, and was sought by Edinburgh Hibernians just before he came to New Bedford last July.

Hutchinson, outside left, is alternating with Jerry Best in that position. Centers with precision, and standing five feet, ten inches and tipping the scale at 170 pounds, can take a shoulder charge from the fullback and come back for more. Saw service on the other side with Barrow and Chesterfield. Is in his first season of American League soccer.

Plenty of Good Men

Tommy Steele, goal tender, formerly with Boston, has appeared in every game since signing with New Bedford. He is at his best under pressure, and has staged some wonderful exhibitions between the uprights.

Harold Brittan, former captain and manager of Fall River, is now with New Bedford, and in his last two games at center forward has been playing like the Brittan of Bethlehem and Fall River. Other regulars of last season still with New Bedford arid Harry Cowan at right halfback; Jimmy Hunter at left fullback; Bill McIntosh at right halfback; Jimmy Montgomery at center half; Alex Lorimer at left halfback, Tommy Maxwell at inside right; Andy Stevens at center forward; Mike McLeavy at inside left, and Jerry Best at outside left.

Billy Richie, signed a few weeks ago from Canada, was formerly with Derby County in the English League, and plays any position in the halfback line. It would seem that New Bedford this season has sufficient talent at its command to give Bethlehem a real game.

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