The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 12, 1917
Sawmakers Hand American Cup Holders First Reverse

Disston A. A. soccer eleven defeated Bethlehem F. C., 3 goals to 1, in the first game of their National League home-and-home matches at Tacony baseball grounds at Philadelphia on Saturday. It was the first time the American Cup holders had been beaten this season.

Disston scored their first goal after 37 minutes' play in the first half and added two more goals in the initial 22 minutes of the second half. The Steel Workers prevented a shutout by netting the ball six minutes later.

Disston put up an aggressive game and at times outplayed the crack upstate exponents of the kicking style of football. The Sawmakers share with the Fall River Rovers who lifted the De War trophy last season the honor of lowing the colors of the Bethlehem team.

Disston scored first. Andrews following a short run, approached Bethlehem's goal, where Ferguson tackled him, but Percy managed to return the ball although he bounced from the front of the side of the goal and over the touch line. Twice Disston players threw the ball into play inside Bethlehem's 10-yard line and in a scrimmage following the second throw in J. Campbell was penalized for charging Lynch. Andrews took the kick from the six-yard line toward the east side of the field. He drove the ball low and directly across the mouth of the goal, and Lynch headed the ball into the corner of the net before goalkeeper Duncan was able to reach it.

A clever piece of individual work enabled Lynch to score the following goal. [ILLEGIBLE SECTION]

The third point followed a throw in at the center of the field, Lynch [...] and passing to Matthews, who scored on a [...] drive from the side of goal.

Following this, Forrest and Easton brought the ball up the field from the half-way mark and with little opposition, Forrest scored.

Manager Sheridan said Bethlehem is trying to arrange to play their second round American Cup game with Pan-Americans of Fall River, at Bethlehem on Thanksgiving day.

Disston -- Bethlehem
H. Pearce -- G -- Duncan
McLoughlin -- RFB -- Fletcher (McKelvey)
Spalding -- LHB -- Ferguson
Matthews -- RHB -- Murray
Fisher-- CHB -- Campbell
S. Wilson -- LHB -- Kirkpatrick
Andrews -- OR -- McKelvey (Fletcher)
B. Hyslop -- IR -- Penner
Lynch -- CF -- Easton
Small -- IL -- Forrest
Barrett -- OL -- Fleming
Score -- Disston 3; Bethlehem 1.

Half-time score -- Disston 1; Bethlehem 0. Goals mad by Lynch, 2, Andrews, Forrest. Referee -- James Walder. Linesmen -- Rodgers and Bobby Morrison. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club