The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, November 12, 1918
When the Soccer Whistle Blows

The pick of the best Canadian soccer players is the team to oppose the Bethlehem F. C., next. This game will be played on Sunday in the Federal League baseball park, Newark, N. J., in connection with the huge athletic carnival which is to be held on behalf of the fund for the American soldier heroes. The game is looked on as of National character and great interest is being taken in it.

Not to be taken by surprise by the Canadian team, the Steel Workers started a session of special training and in the workout last night were handicapped by the absence of Kirkpatrick and Fleming, both of whom were badly hurt in the game against New York Ship on Saturday. However, their rapid recovery is looked for and it is expected that they will be in condition to take their regular positions against the Canadians.

Since it was announced that the referees' fees in the Shipyard Soccer League had been bunched, there is no trouble securing the best officials. Not that they are after the money, but because they realize that some close games will be played.

Without Al Pearce, Hog Island was greatly handicapped in their cup match with Disstons.

Bullets seem to have no terror for All Taylor, the well-known Wanderers' fullback. He has been wounded twice besides being gassed, all of which reminds the writer that when Al was playing it took a nifty player to beat him. He is still on the firing line with one of the Canadian regiments.

"Jimmy" Wilson, of Merchant Team B, makes a corking fullback. He is aggressive, boots the ball a good length and what is more is a hard man to beat with the ball.

Jack Lavery, the right halfback of Germantown Boys Club Rovers, of Philadelphia, has been called to the colors. He will soon leave for Camp Crane, Allentown, to get in condition.

Bethlehem gave a clever exhibition in last Saturday's game against the Shipbuilders and if they are able to duplicate the performance next Sunday against the "Canucks" it will take an exceptional display on the part of the visitors to lower their colors.

Philadelphia critics often referred to Spalding and McLaughlin as being superior to Fletcher and Ferguson. It is wondered what they would have said had they witnessed last Saturday's game. The Steel Workers were in every way superior to the Philadelphia pair.

"Billy" Forrest is one of the most improved players on the Bethlehem team. His display last Saturday was a revelation to the fans, and if he has a superior in his position in this country we would like to see him.

The Steel workers half back line played a good game and its effectiveness was see in the


Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club