The Globe South Bethlehem
Friday, November 13, 1914
National Cup Competition to be Played on Home Grounds. Blue Mountain Game.

Bethlehems team will play a National Cup competition game tomorrow against Putnam F. C., Philadelphia. T he winner of tomorrow will go in the second round and the loser will be dropped from the competition. These games are fiercely fought and this competition embraces the whole United States. Bethlehems has been training hard all week and with the exception of one or two men is in good shape for the game. Putnam F. C. will arrive early in the morning and is reported as being at full strength. The game will be started promptly at 3 p.m. George Young, of Philadelphia, will referee and H. J. Carpenter will look after the interests of the United States Football Association. The local management states that it would use its strongest available line-up tomorrow from the following players: Scaife, Murray, Lance, Campbell, Clarke, Morrison, Millar, Donaghy, Fleming, Lewis, Ford, Harrison, Lawler, Stewart, Toole.

Bethlehems Reserve team will play Allentown Y. M. C. A. a Blue Mountain league game at Allentown, tomorrow. Kickoff, 3 p.m. Reserve will play the following men: Love, Sommerhill, Whitson, C. Witherspoon, Cassidy, Nickalson, A. Lewis, Crawford, Morrison, Nagle. Cam[ . . . ] Reserves: Witherspoon and Bradley. The team will leave Broad and Main streets, at 1:50 p.m.

Nativity Men's club will play Bangor A. C. tomorrow at 3 p.m. in Bangor. The following players will report at Broad and New streets, Bethlehem in ample time to leave at 1:25: Lambert, Shultz, Lanespier, [. . . ] Lawlor, Leonard, Gor[ . . .], Coll, Walters [. . . ] and Connors.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club