The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, November 13, 1923
Victory Over Philadelphia F. C. On Monday Gives Locals Two Points More

Bethlehem F. C. annexed two additional points in the American Soccer League race yesterday afternoon and materially advanced its standing in the league at the expense of the Philadelphia F. C. in an Armistice Day attraction staged in the Phillies' ball park. The margin of victory which gave the Bethlehem team the two points was one goal, scored by Rattray on a penalty kick on a foul given against Clark, the Phillies' center halfback, who deliberately handled the ball on thwarting a very threatening offensive.

In the Phillies the Bethlehem team met a club that completely surprised them and it was probably the unexpected strength of the American League cooperators that threw the celebrities of the Steel clan off their stride. Bethlehem did not play the game they did in the same city on Saturday when successful in severely trouncing the Fairhill F. C. in a cup game and had it not been for the brilliant work of the Fergusons, Jock and Dave, together with the defensive work of Highfield in goal, there might be a different story to tell today.

The Phillies played with the desperateness evident in a cup tie game and by resorting to these tactics held Bethlehem safe until ten minutes after the restart when the foul was given against Clark and Rattray converted the penalty into a goal.

The game was nip and tuck throughout with the Phillies seeming to have an equal share in the forward movements. However, the latter seldom got any further than the Bethlehem fullbacks and what parting shots were taken at the goal were easily handled by Highfield.

On the other hand the Bethlehem attack was far more impressive and only due to exceedingly hard luck were they unable to count more frequently. On at least four occasions, when from shots close to the Phillies' goal the ball hit the crossbar and rebounded into the field of play. This all happened in the first period as the result of clever combination play Goldie in particular, having the hardest luck when the sphere hit the bar with Ness on the opposite side of the posts.

The Phillies scored on one occasion from a free kick given against Highfield for carrying the ball more than two steps, but, unfortunately, the Phillies' front liners were too anxious with the result that the goal was disallowed for offside play.

Besides the contest being chock full of action it was a cleanly played game. Bethlehem, as usual, plying the ball instead of the man. The lineup:

Philadelphia Bethlehem
Ness G Highfield
McLaughlin RFB D. Ferguson
Graham LFB J. Ferguson
Rundle RHB Rattray
Clark CHB Carnihan
Burnett LHB Terris
McClure OR O. Jackson
Duncan IR Maxwell
Bradford CF W. Jackson
Polson IL Grainger
Andrews OL Goldie
Final score, Bethlehem 1, Phillies 0. Half-time score, Bethlehem 0, Phillies 0. Goal for Bethlehem, Rattray (from penalty) Referee, James Kerr. Linesmen, for Phillies, Dallas; for Bethlehem, Turner. Time of game, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club