The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Saturday, November 13, 1926
To Act on Proposition to Have Second Game Between Steelmen and Ulster.

Representatives of the American Soccer League will gather in New York on Sunday afternoon, together with the executives, for a regular confab. A few matters which arose since the last meeting and with routine business will occupy the attention of the officials.

Plans to have the United Ulster club of Canada to invade the United States and meet Bethlehem, national champions, in a return game, are under way and this matter will no doubt be submitted to the league for approval. In a similar previous arrangement when the champions wanted to meet the Sparta club, the game after being protested by one of the league clubs as an infringement on territorial right, was disallowed by the league.

In order to be sure that Bethlehem will have a strong representation on the floor to argue its case, the management will go to New York for the meeting. If the game against the Dominion champions is sanctioned it will be played within a week or two in Brooklyn.

Jackson Still Starring

Bethlehem soccer patrons are justified in swelling with pride at the mention of Alec Jackson, the soccer rage of Europe. The young forward who received his preliminary training as a member of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team, where he combined the characteristic aggressiveness of the American player with the more intricate art bred in his native heath, is without a doubt the soccer sensation. Critics are loud in their praise of Jackson and one penning a flowery account refers to him as a player of “amazing vitality.” In the first international game between Scotland and Wales, which incidentally was won by Scotland, 3 to 0, Jackson playing inside right, scored two of the three goals for his team.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club