The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, November 14, 1917

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team is training hard and should give a good exhibition in the Hibernian game Saturday on the new Athletic Field. The defeat sustained at Disston has had a great effect on the Steel Workers and a quiet determination is evident to regain their lost laurels. Two new players have been signed up by the Steel Workers and both players will probably make their debut in Saturday's game with the Hibernians.

The center forward position has been causing the management a great deal of concern and Hardy, formerly of Bridgeport, will probably be given an opportunity to display his ability in this position in Saturday's game.

Ferguson the left fullback of the Steel Workers has been playing a wonderful game all season and will probably be given a much needed rest on Saturday.

Jimmy Easton played hard in center against Disston but inside left is undoubtedly his position.

Tommy Fleming will have real opposition in the future at outside left as Tom McGreevey the latest acquisition of the Steel Workers is considered one of the best outside lefts in the country.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club