The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, November 14, 1918
New York Shipbuilders Defeated by Bethlehem Steel, Saturday, 3 goals to 0.

Bethlehem Steel defeated New York Shipbuilding F. C. by the score of 3 goals to nothing in the first round of the National Cup, at the Bethlehem Steel field. The Shipbuilders presenting a strong lineup and the score would probably have been closer if some of their players had paid more attention to the ball then they did to the men. Fisher and McLaughlin were the most prominent offenders in this respect, eight fouls being called against Fisher during the course of the game. To the Steel Workers credit it may be said that they kept their heads at all times and played the game according to the Bethlehem idea of sportsmanship.

Campbell won the toss and Waltermate kicked off for the Shipbuilders against a slight breeze, and the right wing attacked immediately but Ferguson cleared and Pepper and Ferguson carried the ball down. McKelvey missed a good opportunity to score. Campbell secured possession of the kickout and passed to pepper who just missed the upright. Another raid by Bethlehem ended by Ratican shooting over the bar. Fouls against Waltermate and Fisher helped Bethlehem but the shooting was poor. Swords and McGhee broke away but Fletcher cleared. A shot by Waltermate was cleared by Duncan. A raid by the Shipbuilders' right wing ended by Pollitt shooting over the bar. Fletcher robbed Swords of a good opening and the Bethlehem right took up the attack, McKelvey shooting over the bar. Swords again looked dangerous but Campbell stopped him. A foul against Easton for handling looked dangerous but Ferguson cleared. Kirkpatrick was hurt but soon resumed play. Another foul against Fisher was well placed and Ratican just missed the upright. Bethlehem now took up the attack in earnest and all the forwards had shots at the goal, however it was not until forty minutes of the game had been played that Bethlehem got its first goal, Forrest beating Ness with a beautiful shot from fifteen yards range. Bethlehem continued to attack but were unable to add to the score. Towards the close of the first half the Shipbuilders' forward line moved down the field but the Bethlehem defense was too strong for them, and half time found the score Bethlehem Steel, 1; New York Shipbuilding F. C., 0.

Second Half

Immediately after the resumption of play the Steel Workers carried the ball to the visitors' end and Spalding and McLaughlin were forced to concede corners, but both were fruitless. Swords and McGhee broke away and Fletcher cleared. A foul against Spalding looked bad, but Pepper shot past. An offside against McKelvey held up the Steel Workers but not for long, and Ness was forced to assert himself to save shots from Kirkpatrick, Ratican and Forrest. Pollitt and Kemp broke away and Ferguson cleared. Swords looked dangerous but once more Fletcher was too much for him. Kirkpatrick was again hurt and a re-arrangement of the Bethlehem team was made necessary. A run by Ratican ended in Forrest scoring the second goal, both Spalding and McLaughlin being occupied in stopping the center forward. After the second goal the Steel Workers seemed to have complete control of the game and the Shipbuilders resorted to rough tactics to stop the champions, but with small success, and the attack was kept up incessantly. A nice cross from McKelvey ended in Forrest shooting over the bar, Forrest and Fleming worked their way down the wing and Ratican just missed the upright on Fleming's cross. A rush by the Shipbuilders looked dangerous but Duncan cleared. Two fouls against Fisher for roughing Ratican were of little advantage to Bethlehem. Fleming looked like breaking through when brought down by Spalding in the penalty area, which Fleming failed to convert, the ball missing the upright. However, he made full amends a few minutes later when he beat Ness with a beautiful curving shot. Shortly after this goal Fleming and Kirkpatrick left the field and Bethlehem was forced to continue with nine men. However, they were able to hold their own and despite efforts on the part of the Shipbuilders to score. The final whistle found the score: Bethlehem Steel, 3; New York Shipbuilding Corp. F. C., 0.

Bethlehem -- New York
Duncan -- G -- Ness
Fletcher -- RFB -- McLaughlin
Ferguson -- LFB -- Spaulding
Kirkpatrick -- RHB -- Lynn
Campbell -- LHB -- Fisher
Easton -- CHB -- Peat
McKelvey -- OR -- Collet
Pepper -- IR -- Kemp
Ratican -- CF -- Waltermate
Forrest -- IL -- Swords
Fleming -- OL -- McGhee
Goals -- Forrest, 2; Fleming. Referee -- George Young, Philadelphia. Linesmen -- Robertson, New York; Morrison, Bethlehem. Time -- 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club