The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, November 14, 1924
During December Steel Workers Will Meet Here Cream of American League

In the American League schedule announced up to and including Christmas Bethlehem Steel is favored with a most attractive list of games in which is included a tilt with the league leading Boston club and Indiana Flooring, deadlocked with Fall River for second place in the standing. When these games are concluded Bethlehem will have played 12 away and 11 at home, the number comprising more than half of the schedule.

On the outcome of these games will no doubt be decided Bethlehem's chances of winning the American League honors and presents an excellent opportunity to the Steel Workers in garnering points in competition on the home field.

The series of home games star on Thanksgiving day afternoon when Newark will be here for the second visit this season. The Saturday following Boston will come to Bethlehem for the first t rip here this season but the second meeting between the two clubs. In the previous game Bethlehem drew with Boston at 2 goals each and since neither has yet conquered the game looms up as the biggest of the season. Brooklyn has been the only club successful in stopping the strong Boston team. The schedule of games for the Steel Workers up to and including Christmas Day follows:

November 27 -- Newark F. C., at Bethlehem
November 29 -- Boston F. C., at Bethlehem
December 6 -- New York Giants, at Bethlehem
December 13 -- J & P Coats, at Bethlehem
December 20 -- Indiana Flooring, at Bethlehem
December 21 -- New York Giants, at Bethlehem
December 25 (Christmas Day) -- Fleisher Yarn, at Bethlehem

November 27 to December 25 (Christmas Day) inclusive.

Nov. 27: (Thanksgiving Day): Providence vs. Boston, New Bedford vs. J & P Coats, Fleisher Yarn vs. Philadelphia, Giants vs. Brooklyn, Newark vs. Bethlehem.

Nov. 29: *New Bedford vs. Newark, Philadelphia vs. Giants, Bethlehem vs. Boston, J & P Coats s. Fleisher Yarn.

Nov. 30: Fall River vs. Providence, Newark vs. Boston, Giants vs. New Bedford, Brooklyn vs. Fleisher Yarn.

Dec. 6: Fleisher Yarn vs. Fall River, Bethlehem vs. Giants, Boston vs. J & P Coats, Providence vs. New Bedford.

Dec. 7: Indiana Flooring vs. Fall River, Newark vs. Fleisher Yarn, Brooklyn vs. Philadelphia.

Dec. 13: Philadelphia vs. Fall River, Bethlehem vs. J & P Coats, Boston vs. Indiana, New Bedford vs. Fleisher Yarn.

Dec. 14: Indiana vs. J & P Coats, Providence vs. Fleisher Yarn, Fall River vs. Boston, Brooklyn vs. Giants, Newark vs. Philadelphia.

Dec. 20: Bethlehem vs. Indiana, Fleisher Yarn vs. Giants, J & P Coats vs. Fall River, New Bedford vs. Philadelphia, Boston vs. Newark.

Dec. 21: Providence vs. Newark, Fall River vs. Philadelphia, Giants vs. Bethlehem, Brooklyn vs. Indiana.

Dec. 25 (Christmas Day): Bethlehem vs. Fleisher Yarn, Philadelphia vs. Brooklyn, J & P Coats vs. Providence, new Bedford vs. Fall River, Indiana Flooring vs. Boston, Newark vs. Giants.

* In lieu of game called off Nov. 9 by the Newark management.

Note -- The first name club is recognized as the home club.

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