Bethlehem Globe
Monday, November 14, 1927
Games on Elizabeth Avenue Field Saturday Desperately Fought Every Second

After on of the most hotly contested soccer games every played on the local field, the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club defeated Fall River on Saturday afternoon 4 goals to 3. Both teams yielded no quarter and struggled determinedly throughout the one and a half hours of the game, the brilliant plays keeping the crowd on their feet almost from start to finish.

Bethlehem Steel entered the fray with a rearranged lineup in the hopes of increasing the scoring possibilities. Stark was given his old position of center forward and Gillespie was sent to outside right. That this arrangement was satisfactory is demonstrated by the victory.

Due to a game between Lehigh and Swarthmore earlier in the afternoon, the American League contest was not started until 3:30. The steel workers kicked off and with a brilliant and pretty attack, kept Douglas, the Fall River goalie, ducking after the ball continuously for five minutes. Granger and Jaap both threatened to score during the first five minutes when t heir shots at the net failed as the strong wind carried the ball slightly off its course and drove it against the uprights. A little later Stark with a clean drive netted the first goal of the game for Bethlehem.

The score evidently awoke the Fall River players, for at the kickoff they seized the oval and rapidly passed it from man to man down the field to White, the brilliant Fall River inside right. White made a clean drive at the net, but Brown, the Bethlehem goalie, by a desperate dive deflected it from its course and the ball rolled back on the field. White immediately pounced upon the leather and before Brown could regain his feet had shot the ball into the net for the tying count.

Again the Fall River players returned the oval to Bethlehem territory and again the ball was passed to White, who swiftly placed the oval between the uprights. All three goals were made within three minutes of each other and within eight minutes of play. Fall River’s passing was a beautiful sight and the team seemed to bear all the earmarks of a winner.

The half was nearly over when Bethlehem again equalized the score. Gillespie centered the ball to Stark who with a desperate dive headed the oval into the net, completely beating Douglas. The whistle denoting the end of the first half blew a few seconds later.

Due to the lateness of the hour no intermission was taken, both teams deciding to continue with the play. Bethlehem now had a slightly better opportunity with the strong wind at their backs. After ten minutes of fast playing by both teams Gillespie accurately placed the ball in front of the net, Jaap neatly heading in.

Drives were shot at both goals as the players fought furiously, Bethlehem to maintain the lead, Fall River to even the score. Douglas in trying to kick out of danger took too many steps, the referee granting Bethlehem a free kick. The Fall River players put up an argument about the decision and play was stopped for ten minutes until their vehement objections were finally overruled. MacGregor elected to kick. Expecting him to attempt a straight drive at the uprights Fall River dashed in front of him, but MacGregor quickly drove the ball sideways to Goldie, who cleanly booted the oval into the net.

Bethlehem rooters breathed more freely as Bethlehem maintained the two goal lead with only fifteen minutes to play. Fall River continued to lead the attack, McAuley finally scoring a goal on pass from Brittan, the former Bethlehem Steel player.

With the steel workers only 1 goal ahead, Fall River desperately attempted to score again and tie the game. The ball was continuously kept in Steel territory, but a player always managed to boot the oval out of danger just as a tally seemed immanent. The whistle blew, finding Bethlehem 1 goal ahead.

Bethlehem – Fall River
Brown – G -- Douglas
McLaughlin – RFB – Tate
Allan – LFB – McGill
W. Reid – RHB – McPherson
Carnihan – CHB – Wilson
MacGregor – LHB – Coyle
Gillespie – OR – Harvey
Granger – IR – White
Stark – CF – Brittan
Jaap – IL – McAuley
Goldie – OL – McEachron
Goals: Stark 2, White 2, Goldie, Jaap, McAuley. Referee: J. Haines. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club