Bethlehem Globe
Monday, November 15, 1915
Eliminates Rival in First Round of National Cup Competition -- Changes in Lineups

In the first round of the National Cup competition the Bethlehem Steel company team, National Champions, on Saturday eliminated the Bethlehem East End football team from the competition by the score of 9 goals to 0. Ideal weather prevailed and the field was in fine condition. Both teams presented new lineups, Bethlehem East End playing several new men who had been especially signed up for this competition. The Steel company team made several changes, Wilson taking Fletcher's place at right halfback, Murray taking Morrison's place at right halfback. Pepper went back to his old position as partner to Fleming.

MacDonald was given a try out at center forward, Butler at inside right and Gaynor at outside right. Both teams played regular cup tie football. owing to the stubborn defense shown by East End during the first period the champion was only able to tally once, Whitson, Quibell and Dow gave a remarkable display against their more experienced opponents. The first half ended 1-0.

On the restart Bethlehem changed its men around, Butler dropping back to left half back, Murray going to center forward and MacDonald to inside right. This change seemed to work wonders and with the whole team working well and the forward line of the Steel company putting lots of dash into their play East End tired rapidly and went to pieces. The Steel company team piled up goal after goal in rapid succession.

For the losers, great credit must be given to the splendid exhibition given by Whitson and Dow, both of whom played sensation ball. The East End forward line was helpless before the sturdy defense of the Steel company team. During the second half Murray at center forward scored 3 goals, MacDonald 2, Fleming and Clarke and Gaynor one each. For the winners Murray, Wilson and Gaynor showed up well.

The lineup:

B. S. Co. -- Position -- B. E. E.
Duncan -- Goal -- Dow
Wilson -- R.F.B. -- Somerbill
Ferguson -- L.F.B. -- Whitson
Campbell -- R.H.B. -- Crawford
Clarke -- C.H.B. -- Quibell
Murray -- L.H.B. -- Camoletti
Gaynor -- O.R. -- Wright
Butler -- I.R. -- Lewis
MacDonald -- C.F. -- Norman
Pepper -- I.L. -- Black
Fleming -- O.L. -- Brown
Goals -- Murray 3, MacDonald 3, Fleming, Clarke, Gaynor. Referee, J. H. Carpenter. Time of halves, 45 minutes. Linesmen J. Lance and S. Fletcher.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club