The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Thursday, November 15, 1917
Soccer Notes

Manager Geoghegan of the Hibernian states that he "Hibs" will be represented in the game against the Steel Workers by the strongest team they have had in years, and expect to give Bethlehem a hard fight for the points. Several changes will take place in the Steel Workers' lineup with a view of finding a winning combination.

Jimmy Wilson is coaching the Lehigh University soccer team and states that Lehigh will have a great team when t hey get more familiar with the fine points of the game.

Murphy, Hardy, and McGreevey will probably be in the lineup against the Hibernians. These three are among the fastest in the east and the "Hibs" defense will have to step lively.

An effort is being made to play the Pan American-Bethlehem Steel game on Thanksgiving Day, at Bethlehem. This game is the second round of the American Cup.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club