The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, November 15, 1924
Corner Kicks

The Challenge Cup competitions are proceeding without interruption due in large measure to the excellent weather conditions. On November 15-16 the games in the second round of the National Challenge Cup competition will be played and one week later the first round of the Amateur Cup competition will be staged. As the winning clubs emerge successfully from each round the strength of the various districts may be more readily approximated, but already there is evidence enough to warrant the believe that the final round will be played between clubs that will have proved themselves to be as strong or stronger than many of the clubs that have passed up their opportunity in an eager search for more immediate advantages.

There is some trouble brewing in the Pittsburgh district where the West Penn Football Association has served official notice that the Scottish Clans Soccer League -- composed of six clubs and the Valley League -- operating with eight clubs, have failed to effect affiliation with the State Association and the clubs, their leagues and officers have been declared outlaws. An appeal has been lodged against this decision by one of the suspended leagues and is now in course of preparation for the Appeals Committee.

With new conditions there come new obligations on the part of players and club managers, and it is to be expected that a great deal of talk will be heard when the time arrives for the renewal of professional contracts. Until the adoption of the new clause in Rule XXVI by the National Council at Detroit in July, the recognized custom was that a professional player was at liberty to negotiate with a new club immediately upon the expiration of his existing contract. The new clause referred to gives to the club the right of reservation for a period of about ten weeks, beginning May 15 in each year, during which time they may serve notice to the association that they propose to exercise their option on the services of the player for the following season; the terms offered must be no less than the terms for the season just ending. The player is thus bound to the club very much after the manner of the baseball player of his club, and unquestionably there will be a large number of earnest students of Rule XXVI when the time for renewal of professional contracts comes around.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club