Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, November 15, 1929
Promises Bethlehem Plenty of Action in Coast League Game Here

Speed and aggressiveness are the methods employed by the Providence, R. I., Club in their soccer campaigning and the combination of these two vital assets carried the temperamental Fletcher clan to great success in the old American League. When the latter loop disbanded to make way for the new Atlantic Coast League, Providence was runner-up in the club standing.

It is with these two offensive weapons that Providence hopes to conquer the Bethlehem booters and continue its undefeated stride which was launched in downing Boston in the first new league game last Saturday afternoon.

While the makeup of the invaders is comprised of a bevy of celebrities, one of the outstanding stars is Kenneway, a goalie, who hails from Canada, and a custodian who is said seldom fails to stop anything within his reach. Bethlehem promises to test his merit to the utmost for with the re-arrangement of the forwards line, giving the team the strongest offensive combination probably fielded this season, Kenneway looks to be in for a busy afternoon.

Roll call of the regulars after the usual hard Thursday training revealed that with few exceptions the injured players have again pretty well rounded into form. This applies particularly to the halfback line, where Bob McGregor, aggressive captain, absent last week because of a bad arm, will again be available for his regular position. With McGregor will be his trusty mates, Carnihan and Willie Reid, a halfback line which when functioning is going to cause visiting forwards no little trouble.

In hopes of offsetting the speed of the Providence eleven Bethlehem will do a little experimenting on the forward line which will involve Johnny Jaap and Alec Massie, a brace of speedy men and dangerous shots. Massie's position has been more regularly at the inside berth on the left side of the line and Jaap the inside post on the opposite flank. In swapping positions the theory is that Massie will operate more effectively at the new berth. He will be paired off with the speed marvel, Tommy Gillespie, while Jaap's mate on the opposite of the line will be Purgavie at the wing post. Stark, of course, will be at his usual position, center forward.

The probable lineup of the teams follows:

Bethlehem -- Providence
Fraser -- G -- Kenneway
Gibson -- RFB -- Bardell
Allan -- LFB -- Miller
Reid -- RHB - -Watson
Carnihan -- CHB -- Farrell
McGregor -- LHB -- Auld
Gillespie -- OR -- Fitzpatrick
Massie -- IR -- Dick
Stark -- CF -- Patterson
Jaap -- IL -- Hajee
Purgavie -- OL -- Hogg
Referee: Fred Pepper.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club