The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Monday, November 16, 1916
Visitors Eliminated, Score 5-0
National Soccer Champion Triumphs in First Round National Cup Match

Bethlehem Steel, national and American champion, had little trouble Saturday in eliminating the Veteran F. C., Philadelphia in the first round of the National Cup competition by the score of five goals to none.

It was one of the most formidable teams the local squad met this season. The visitors fought desperately at all times and had a few good chances to score, but the shots either were saved by goalkeeper Duncan or went wide. In the second half the visitors' goal received the worst bombardment, goalkeeper Hana, saving no less than a dozen goals.

The game started with Bethlehem facing a glaring sun and a strong breeze. Even with this Bethlehem began a furious attack and drove the ball dangerously close to both goals. Several shots went wide. The visitors' spurt was short-lived, for Ratican recovered the ball twice in succession, but failed to score. A corner kick failed to produce a point for Bethlehem, Fleming booting the ball behind the net.

Less than fifteen minutes after the game started Clark scored the first goal from a hard angle, Hana being unable to save. Both teams loosened up after the first goal and Ratican, Pepper and Fleming started the offensive again. A corner was forced on the visitors, which Fleming was unable to convert. Ratican tried to head the ball into the net but he failed.

Another corner for Bethlehem failed to produce a point. Bethlehem repeated was penalized for offside playing.

In a scrimmage in front of the Veterans' goal, McDonough, right halfback for the Philadelphians, picked up the ball, for which Bethlehem Steel was awarded a kick from the penalty area, Fleming booting a stinging shot into the net. Bethlehem Steel now began to extend itself and shot after shot was directed at the visitors' goal until Chadwick booted the ball past goalkeeper Hana for the Steelworkers' third goal.

In the second half the Veterans had one or two good chances at scoring, but Duncan saved. Chadwick, getting the ball from Ratican here, shot the fourth goal.

Fleming was unable to convert a penalty. During the last few minutes of play Ratican netted the fifth goal. For the visitors, Wilson, Campbell, Captain Scott and Johnson showed up well, while Ratican, Pepper, Fleming, Ferguson and Fletcher excelled for Bethlehem.

Bethlehem -- Veteran F. C.
Duncan -- G -- Hana
Fletcher -- RFB -- Wilson
Ferguson -- LFB -- Campbell
Murray -- RHB -- McDonough
Campbell -- CHB -- Scott
Clarke -- LHB -- Gilmore
McKelvey -- OR -- Johnson
Pepper -- IR -- J. McGee
Ratican -- CF -- Hindman
Chadwick -- IL -- Longmore
Fleming -- OL -- M. McGee
Goals - -Clarke, Fleming 2 (both on penalties), Chadwick, Ratican. Referee -- James Walders, Philadelphia. Linesman -- Forrest, Bethlehem Steel. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club