The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 16, 1925
Steel Workers Couldn't Get Going on Gale-Swept Field in Boston

The elements contributed materially in the downfall of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. in its game against Boston F. C. at the latter place, on Saturday afternoon, losing by the score of 3 to 0.

Had Bethlehem been equally as effective on the defense as on the offense there might have been a different story, in spite of the fact that the Steel Workers failed to notch one single tally.

The game was played with a terrific gale sweeping across the soccer pitch and Boston won the toss. The Hubmen elected to play the first half with the wind to their backs and it was a wise selection for with this advantage the strong Boston club annexed all of its three goals in the opening half.

Defense Weak

The game briefly described is that Bethlehem failed to adapt itself to defensive tactics when the wind was to be considered in addition to the strong Boston club. In face of these elements, the Steel Workers pressed hard in the first 10 minutes of play but after that Boston took the upper hand and made most of its opponent's opportunities in scoring.

When the teams changed ends for the last half Boston excelled in just what Bethlehem failed to do. Satisfied with their three-point lead, the Hubmen assumed an exclusively defensive attitude and although the Steel Workers pressed hard, they were unable to score. The lineup:

Boston -- Bethlehem
T. Blair -- G -- Carson
McMillan -- RFB -- Allan
McArthur -- LFB -- Ferguson
R. Ballantyne -- RHB -- McGregor
Priestly -- CHB -- Carnihan
Hamil -- LHB -- McDonald
McNab -- OR -- Goldie
Galloway -- IR -- Rollo
R. Blair -- CF -- Stark
J. Ballantyne -- IL -- Purvis
Flemming -- OL -- Forrest
Goals -- R. Blair 2; Galloway. Referee: J. Coutts, New Jersey. Linesmen -- W. Andrews, of Everett, and T. Richie, of Quincy. Time -- two 45-minute periods.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club