The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, November 17, 1913
Bethlehem, 4; Schuylkill Falls, 2.
Before a record crowd of over one thousand people, the champion Bethlehem team, Saturday, on East End field, added another victory to its credit by defeating the strong Schuylkill Falls team to the tune of 4 goals to 2. The Falls had been playing winning ball up to Saturday, having won its last three games and came to Bethlehem with its strongest team fully confident of being able to give Bethlehem a trouncing. It must be admitted by all who saw the game that it was one of the finest and most interesting games ever seen on the East End field and the crowd got many thrills on Saturday for twice did Bethlehem get the lead and then along came the Falls and tied the score, but Bethlehem by brilliant playing forged ahead in the last half and only the splendid work of Kindron, the Falls goalkeeper, kept the score down. Lance for Bethlehem was in great form, all three goals by him being beauties. Lewis scored the fourth goal on a pretty [ . . . ] shot which the goalkeeper made a dive at and missed by inches, Lewis in making this goal was tackled in a questionable manner by Wise, Fall's left full-back, and laid him out for several minutes, but pluckily resumed playing, but after the game had to be assisted to his home. Several of the Bethlehem players were [ . . . ] badly bruised which will require [. . . ] attention during the coming week to get them in shape for the [ . . . ] American Cup game at Holyoke, Mass., next Saturday. Mr. Warrington, the manager of the Schuylkill Falls team stated after the game that that the Bethlehem team will be the sensation in the year in soccer circles. The return of Capt. Peacock to the game has made Bethlehem's outlook brighter and the splendid exhibition he gave on Saturday was certainly a pleasure to watch. The Bethlehem management is confident t hat the Holyoke team next Saturday will have to go some to beat out Bethlehem. Credit must be given the Falls for its game fight in which Wise, Kidron, McMillan and Clegg starred, while the Bethlehem, Lance, Fleming, McKelvey, Peacock, Morrison and Lawler showed to advantage. The line-up:

Bethlehem -- Schuylkill Falls
Love - G -- Kindron
McKelvey -- R.H.B. -- Wise
Peacock -- L.F.B. -- Knott
Stewart -- R.H.B. -- Barr
Morrison -- C.H.B. -- Cocking
Lawler -- L.H.B. -- Brown
Galbraith -- O.R. -- Waldron
Lewis -- I.R. -- McMillan
Lance -- C.F. -- McCarthy
Donaghy -- I.L. -- Gunn
Fleming -- O.L. -- Glegg
Referee - James Kerr, Philadelphia. Linesman - Hitchen and Shackleton. Goals scored for Bethlehem - Lance 3, and Lewis 1. Goals scored for Falls - McMillan 1 and Gunn 1. Time of halves - 45 minutes.

A special general meeting will be held in the National Hotel, East Third Street, this 8 p.m., which all members will attend.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club