The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Thursday, November 18, 1926
Burlesque Booting to be Staged During Intermission of Steel Game Here

An entertaining feature to the Bethlehem-Providence soccer game on Lehigh Field, Center Street and Elizabeth Avenue, on Saturday afternoon will be the burlesque on the booting game to be contributed to the afternoon’s activities by employees representing the projectile shop and employees of the No. 2 machine shop of the Bethlehem Steel plant.

These burlesques promise to be an added contribution to future games, for challenges among the plant are being hurled right and left with those making the challenges issuing an open defy to meet the best. One of these games was tried out last Saturday and highly enjoyed, providing entertainment for the fans during the intermission between the halves.

Must Win to Keep Lead

While the burlesque will be the fun producer, Bethlehem will be confronted with quite a serious task. Bethlehem needs the two league points. Thus far this season and throughout last season Bethlehem has always been successful against Providence, but is guarding against any emergencies that might deprive them of victory.

Bethlehem plays only one game over the weekend and is but one game to the good in leading the league. Boston is pressing hard and all efforts to shake off the Hubmen have thus far been unsuccessful. The players went through a long workout yesterday afternoon and those who were able to participate in the practice showed signs of getting back into their old stride. The usual big Thursday practice will determine definitely which of the players will start against Providence.

Game Called at 2:45

The management calls attention to the fact that due to a league order, the game will be started promptly at 2:45 o’clock. This time will prevail regardless of any previous announcement. The idea is to have the game finished before darkness.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club