The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 19, 1923
Brooklyn F. C. Treated To a 2 to 0 Defeat Here On Saturday

In what was probably the fastest, most spirited and evenly matched contest seen on the Bethlehem Steel Field this season, the Bethlehem F. C. defeated the Brooklyn F. C. in a close and exciting soccer game by the score of 2 goals to 1 on Saturday afternoon. More than 400 spectators witnessed the clash which helped to place Bethlehem near the top in the standing of the American Soccer League.

Although the game was played fast and furious from start to finish, the [] by which the tree goals were scored were crowded into a brief period lasting hardly 10 minutes soon after the start of the second half. Throughout the first 45 minute period, the advantage alternated but neither team was able to finish the numerous attacks launched at its opponents' goal.

With the score standing 0-0 at the opening of the second half, both teams appeared to have decided during the intermission to make a determined effort to score first. The visitors broke the ice when Nicol, left fullback for Brooklyn, took a long [] at the Bethlehem goal from close to the center of the field. Highfield, [] prior to this moment and afterward made several brilliant saves, [] to have stopped the drive, but the ball slipped off the tips of his fingers as he juggled it and crossed into the mouth of the net.

As if aroused to the necessity of having more than they had up to that time, the Bethlehem players tied the score almost immediately when they worked the ball up the field and [] beat the strong Brooklyn defense. IT was only a matter of a few minutes before Bethlehem was granted a corner kick after a hot scrimmage about the mouth of the Brooklyn goal. Terris shot a beautifully placed kick from the corner which A. Jackson headed in for the winning tally. A. Jackson is one of the leading scorers in the league thus far this season.

During the remainder of the game, the visitors worked desperately to tie up the count while the local players tried to put the game on ice with a [] goal. The play was even on both sides.

Brooklyn looms up as a serious contender for league honors this year, having held both Bethlehem and Fall River to tie games. The Long Islanders presented a well-balanced combination with a high degree of teamwork. The work of the fullbacks, Robertson and Hunt, and that of []ney, the goal, did much to prevent a higher score.

The Bethlehem defense was also kept busily engaged in warding off the offensive attack of the Brooklyn forward line. The brothers Ferguson, Jock and Davy were especially useful in making up the offensive drives [] at the Blue and White goal. Highfield played the goal position in an acceptable manner, favorably impressing the crowd of spectators which was particularly large considering that Lehigh football team was []

The Bethlehem eleven played without the services of Carnihan and Granger, both of whom were out on account of injuries sustained in the Armistice Day game at Philadelphia last Monday.

Referee Horace Williams and his linesmen came in for a bit of ranging by the spectators who voiced their disapproval of numerous decisions or their lack. Interpretations of [] rule violations, fouls involving personal contact, and out-of-bounds [] formed a theme for constant comment often pitched high enough for the benefit of the officials. The lineup:

Bethlehem Brooklyn
Highfield G Sigourney
Ferguson RFB Robertson
Ferguson LFB Hunt
McFarlane RHB Calderwood
McGregor CHB Hume
Terris LHB Nicol
Turner OR Hogg
Jackson IR Curtis
Jackson IR Cosgrove
Maxwell IL Curtis
Goldie OL Moorehouse
Goals Nicol, A. Jackson, Turner. Referee: H. Williams
Halves 45 minutes

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club