The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 19, 1923

At a special meeting of the National Challenge Cup Committee of the United States Football Association held in New York on Sunday, the draw for the third round of the National Soccer cup was made. The ties must be played off on or before Dec. 2. The pairings resulted as follows:

Southern New England: Fairlawn Rovers vs. Weypoyset; Fall River vs. Prospect Hill.

Massachusetts: Falco vs. Roxbury; Pacific Mills vs. Abott Worsted.

Southern New York and Connecticut: Ansonia vs. National Giants; Brooklyn Wanderers vs. New York.

New Jersey: Americans or Newark vs. British War Veterans.

Philadelphia: Bethlehem Steel vs. Philadelphia.

Michigan: Roses vs. Walkerville; Detroit Celtic vs. Caledonia or Rising Star; Pilgrims vs. Toledo; River Rauge or All-Scots vs. Detroit; Industrial Mutual vs. Saginaw.

Illinois: Chicago vs. bricklayers; Thistles vs. Olympia; Harvey vs. Canadian Club.

Missouri: Vesper Buick vs. Trumball or Ben Miller-Munt; St. Matthews or Scullins vs. Gillespie.

Western Pennsylvania: Jeannette vs. Vestsburg; Harmersville vs. Pittsburgh Rovers.

Northwestern New York: St. George of Akron vs. Goodyear; Favorite Knits vs. Maygar; Lorraine vs. India []; Rochester City Moose vs. Fendars.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club