The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 19, 1923
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehems Tie in League Race
For the first time this season the Bethlehem F. C. tied for the lead in the American Soccer League race by defeating the Brooklyn F. C. on the home lot on Saturday afternoon. As predicted Bethlehem had a battle to accomplish the feat and the fans who gathered to see the game were treated to one of the most thrilling games witnessed in a long time. By winning, Bethlehem annexed two points, which added to their previous total gives them 10 or a like number piled up by Fall River thus far this season. The victory is most significant because from now on until December 6 the Steel Workers will be away from home and in the league games scheduled will meet the team which with Bethlehem are the foremost contenders for the honors. When they return, the football season will be done and then interest locally will center more exclusively in the only remaining outdoor sport around here. And what is more it's a royal treat planned for the fans in the big games when the team again entertains at home.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club