The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Friday, November 19, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

What Other Critics Think
Referring to the gradual development of the Bethlehem soccer team and their steady climb to the top as one of the features of the American Soccer League, on the sports page of a recent issue of the New York Times reference is made to Bethlehem’s recent invasion of Canada as a match of much significance. “Last week they went to Canada,” typed the writer, “and there defeated the Ulster United eleven with something to spare. The match has more than ordinary significance inasmuch as Ulster is holding the Dominion championship for the second successive year and Bethlehem is at present the United States champion. The game was not listed as an international championship, but it did show the power of the Bethlehem men on the attack. Just what the attitude of Bethlehem toward championships this year will be hard to say, but from present indications the club is intent on winning both the American League and National crowns. Last season the team concentrated on the National tournament and saved its men for those elimination games by taking some of the stars out of the league encounters, with the result that the club finished well down the list. This year Bethlehem has an attack that seems sounder than ever; the reserve material is strong and plentiful, so it seems that the two titles may be taken to the Pennsylvania town before the soccer season closes.” Sentiment conveyed in the above lines seems prevalent in every American Soccer League town. Rather than the laying up players last year, might not Bethlehem’s ill fortune be attributed more directly to the experimenting process with which the team went through early in the season before the right combination was found? Injuries, too, somewhat slowed up the outfit, so that when league hops were completely blasted Bethlehem did the next best thing, and that was to aim for the National title. This year the team with its raft of excellent reserves can field a strong club in spite of emergencies. IT has already been demonstrated by the number of cripples the club has been forced to contend with at this early stage. Bethlehem is now riding at the top of the soccer league and is out to remain in that position. Then when the cup classics come along the club will be equally determined to build up the unequalled record in winning National championships.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club