The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 19, 1928
Stark, Gillespie, and Jaap Notch Goals to Win by Score of 4 to 0

Soccer fans of Bethlehem were treated to well played soccer during the first half of the Bethlehem-Newark Eastern League contest, Saturday afternoon when the former undefeated in the new circuit emerged victor by the decisive score of 4-0. In the second half the play was slowed up and became uninteresting because of the apparent superiority of the Steelworkers. Newark presented a backfield combination of hard workers, whose good defensive playing prevented the dashing forwards of the Blue and White from rolling up a larger score.

Bethlehem's only tally of the first half came after fifteen minutes of play when "Archie" Stark, broke loose and netted the ball. With the score reading against them the Newark forwards, aided considerably by their backs, fought hard and for a time succeeded in holding their own against the powerful Bethlehem machine. Goalie Edwards, for Bethlehem, was called upon several times to display his ability as a custodian.

In the second half the game proceeded to start out in the usual manner of a closely contested game. The fighting spell for Newark was broken shortly after, however, when Gillespie made good a penalty kick after one of the Skeeters had erred in play. A few minutes alter Gillespie on a dash down the field drew the Newark goalie out of his regular position and slipped the ball in for another goal.

With fifteen minutes to play "Johnny" Jaap duplicated his teammates feat in the much the same manner when Murdock foolishly abandoned this goal and left nothing for Jaap to do but boot the sphere into the net. The game ended with Bethlehem pressing the Newark goal.

Although beaten four goals to none, the Skeeters from Newark on Saturday afternoon presented a much improved team over their early season club. Their principal weakness seems to be in keeping up their spirit. After holding their own for one half with the locals, the Skeeters flopped in the second half.

Many spectators were pleased with the good playing of the visitors' left fullback. The one in question, upon interviewing Tom Adams, manager of the Skeeters, was found to be none other than Johnny Brown. Brown carries a name sported by one of the best forwards in this country. That was Davy Brown, former Bethlehem Steel player, and still cavorting in the Eastern League. When Adams was questioned further he revealed that the Brown included in his lineup is a brother to Davy and is still in his teen years. The lad appeared well grounded in the elements of the game and seemed to be tireless and methodically thoughtful in his play. He proved a hindrance to Bethlehem forwards in their scoring endeavors.

Bethlehem Steel -- Newark S. C.
Edwards -- G -- Murdock
Barrie -- RFB --Forrest
Allan -- LFB -- J. Brown
Reid -- RHB -- Kalin
Carnihan -- CHB -- McGrath
McGregor -- LHB -- Pollack
Gillespie -- OR -- Hughes
Jaap -- IR -- Mulhall
Stark -- CF - -Wall
Massie -- IL -- Boyle
Rollo -- OL -- Brown
Goals: Gillespie 2, Stark, Jaap. Substitution: Wilson for Stark. Referee: Forrest. Linesmen: Williams and Morrison.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club