The Globe – South Bethlehem
Friday, November 20, 1914 – page 13
Games Arranged for East End Field On Thanksgiving Day.

Secretary H. W. Trend of the Bethlehems club and Secretary Carpenter, of the Blue Mountain league, have arranged to stage a great game in town Nov. 26, with a picked team of the Blue Mountain league vs. Bethlehems champion of America. Secretary Carpenter expects to spring a surprise on the champions with the following team to represent the Blue Mountain league and will be fit to battle the full ninety minutes: Love G, Whitson captain, R.F.B., Garvey L.F.B., Gilbert R.H.B., Cullen C.H.B., Exley L.H.B., May O.R., Summerbell I.R., Coll C.F., Hill I.L., Dearden O.L., Leonard reserve.

Only one game is scheduled in the Blue Mountain league for tomorrow. This game is a very important one and will have a big bearing on the league championship. This game will take place on East End field between Bethlehem Reserves and East Bangor, and will commence promptly at 3 p.m. Secretary Carpenter of the league will referee this game and H. Shackleton and P. Jago, two of the Blue Mountain league referees will officiate as linesmen.

East Bangor football club, has lodged a protest against the Nativity Men’s club. The game was played last Saturday at East Bangor, where Nativity won by the score of 2-0.

A special meeting of the protest committee will be called to settle the matter as early as possible.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club