The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, November 20, 1924
Outcome in American League Should Cause Changes in Standing

Probably the most attractive soccer dish this season is presented in the games to be played in the American Soccer League over this weekend, games bringing in contact the league leading clubs and the outcome of which promises [ . . . ]among the contenders for the honors.

Of the clubs, Bethlehem Steel, Fall River and Boston F. C. have probably [ . . . ]to grind, each with two games over the weekend and each game against a strong pennant contender. Bethlehem Steel F. C. clashes with Coats on Saturday and the following day meets Fall River. Both games incidentally will be played away from home. On Saturday, Fall River will come down to meet the Boston Hubmen in their lair but the following day against Bethlehem will have the advantage of playing on home loam and a home crowd

With a total of twenty-one goals, Archie Stark, the Bethlehem center forward leads his nearest rival, Harold Brittan, for the league goal scoring honors by five goals. This is gleaned in the following list of the fourteen leading goal scorers: A. Stark, Bethlehem, 21; H. Brittan, Fall River, 16; J. Best, Providence, 15; A. Stevens, Boston, 15; J. Nelson, Brooklyn, 10; A. Stradan, Fleisher Yarn, 9; R. Drummond, Coats, 9; H. Carlson, Indiana, 8; h. McGowan, Fall River, 7; K. Schylander, Indiana, 6; T. Abdullah, Providence, 6; R. Perry, Coats, 6; T. Fleming, Boston, 6; W. Hogg, Brooklyn, 6.

The schedule for this weekend follows:


Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club