Bethlehem Globe
Monday, November 21, 1927
Beaten in New York by Giants, 2 to 0, and Lose Chance to Move Up.

Outplayed by a speedy New York Giant eleven on Sunday afternoon and losing by the score of two goals to none, the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club lost an excellent opportunity of getting closer to the top in the American Soccer League standing and as a result of that game is virtually in the same position it was before the two weekend games.

After a hard game in which the Steelmen defeated Brooklyn here on Saturday afternoon and with the crop of injuries greatly increased, Bethlehem journeyed to New York on Sunday and with five of its regulars missing were Edwards in goal, who with a broken bone in his leg, it is feared will be lost for at least two months; Barrie, McDonald, Jaap and Granger. With there players out the team lacked the fight and teamwork characteristic of the championship team.

However, while outplayed by the Giants, the Steelmen had frequent opportunities to at least tie the score if not win and two of such opportunities were lost late in the second half when after McConnell broke clear his shot from about eight yards went bye. Later a drive from Goldie with the goalie beaten struck the base of an upright and rebounded into the field.

Bethlehem lost the toss and was forced to play against a dazzling sun. IT was with this advantage that the Giants made most of their opportunities and at half time had the champions two up. The first goal was a drive from about thirty-five yards out and which could have easily been cleared, but Brown, a goalie loaned from Newark, was apparently blinded by the sun and the ball landed into the net. The second goal was a close one, coming from scrimmage and handled by Brown, who cleared. Referee Cunningham, however, decided that the ball had crossed the line and the goal counted.

The Steelmen were seemingly very week at the inside positions, neither Rollo or McConnell playing the game they are capable of. The wingmen and center were not given enough work and usually when the ball was fed their way the passes were mostly in the air.

On the other hand the Giants played a dazzling game, especially the right wing with Haeusler and Schwartz whose performances featured the game. This duo proved a terror to Bethlehem and whenever the latter broke away it was usually to find the ball in the vicinity of the Bethlehem net before cleared.

During the second half the Steelmen gave a much better account of themselves but could not locate the net. When Fabian, in goal, was seemingly beaten, the shots went bye and when on his toes he made quite a few phenomenal saves. The same applied to Brown, who after the restart did some brilliant work in handling. The lineup:

N. Y. Giants – Bethlehem
Fabian – G – J. Brown
Schillinger – RFB – McLaughlin
Moorehouse – LFB – McMeekin
Cameron – RHB – Reid
Guttman – CHB – Carnihan
Herd – LHB – McGregor
Schwartz – OR – Gillespie
Haeusler – IR – Rollo
Gruenwald – CF – Stark
O’Brien – IL – McConnell
D. Brown – OL – Goldie

Referee – T. Cunningham. Linesmen, C. E. Creighton and E. McCabe. Goals for the Giants, Haeusler and O’Brien. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club