Bethlehem Globe
Monday, November 21, 1927
Goalie Edwards Gets Severe Leg Injury in First Period – Game on Lehigh Field

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team in an American League contest on Lehigh Field Saturday afternoon avenged an earlier season defeat and tie game at the hands of the Brooklyn Wanderers by defeating the same aggregation by the score of 4 goals to 2. The game was costly, however, for Edwards, the brilliant goalie, had to be carried from the field early in the first half, when a leg injury similar to a hurt received four weeks ago when the two teams fought to a two goal draw.

The first score came after twenty minutes of even playing, when Nelson, the Brooklyn center forward, drove home an easy tally. Edwards, who had been lying his usual brilliant game, ran out into the penalty area to stop a drive from the goal. A Wanderer player collided with him. Edwards’ leg being injured when he was thrown to the ground. With the net unprotected Nelson slipped the oval into the net for the first blood.

Play had barely been resumed when Bethlehem, with one of those inexplicable bursts of perfect form coupled with speedy and accurate passing, registered three goals in as many minutes. Seizing the ball in midfield Gillespie passed to McConnell who centered the oval to Goldie. With well-placed drove the outside left registered the equalizer.

Bethlehem kicked off the team again passing the ball rapidly up the field into Wanderers’ territory. On short passes from Jaap to Gillespie to Stark, the latter sent the Steel Workers ahead with a sizzling drive between the uprights. Not satisfied the Steel Workers continued their overpowering attack and rained goals upon Smith. Finally Jaap passed the oval across the field to Stark, who shot it to Gillespie, the latter driving the sphere past the Brooklyn goalie for the third Bethlehem score.

With the resumption of play after the intermission, the Steelmen continued their attack, each time being foiled mostly through the efforts of the giant Marshall. Many excellent opportunities to score were presented to both teams, the majority to Bethlehem, but no score resulted until late in the half when a short drive by Stark, after receiving a pass from Goldie, registered one more goal for the Bethlehem side of the ledger.

The Wanderers added their second goal toward the closing minutes after Yule on a corner kick had centered the ball to Adair, who responded with a well placed drive into the net. The game closed with the Steel Workers leading 4 goals to 2.

The Brooklyn manager and Officer Sorman, of the local police force, got into a slight argument about the latter’s ability as a policeman at the conclusion of the game. After the passing of pleasantries the two continued on their way.

Bethlehem Steel – Brooklyn
Edwards – G – Smith
McLaughlin – RFB – Marshall
McMeekin – LFB – McMillan
W. Reid – RHB – Robertson
Carnihan – CHB – Drucker
MacGregor – LHB – Kelly
Gillespie – OR – Adair
Jaap – IR -- Curtis
Stark – CF – Nelson
McConnell – IL – Eisenhoffer
Goldie – OL – Yule

Goals: Nelson, Goldie, Stark, Gillespie, Adair. Substitutions: Short for Kelly, MacGregor for Edwards, Rollo for MacGregor. Referee: James Walder. Time of periods: 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club