The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, November 22, 1926
Bethlehem Retains Lead in League by Winning its Weekend Tilt.

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeated the Providence, R. I. Team by a score of 4 to 0 on the Lehigh Field Saturday afternoon and in consequence widened the margin between them and the second place Bostonians. The score is an accurate indication of the margin of difference between the two teams in Saturday’s contest.

A miniature gale sweeping in from the west during the entire game, greatly handicapped the team plying against the wind. The steel workers suffered from this in the first half and as a result were able to score but once, this being made on a penalty kick by Forrest, the local inside left. The Bethlehemites were awarded the kick when the visitors were penalized by referee Hayes for handling near the goal. This score was made late in the half, after 32 minutes of play.

The wind in the first half time after time brought down suddenly a ball high in the air going straight from the toe of one of the Bethlehem booters. The ball would stop suddenly and descend throwing whoever was set to received it entirely off his guard.

Second Half Better

When the teams reassembled on the field for the second half the locals were playing with the wind at their backs and soon found themselves able to take advantage of this aid. Shortly after the half opened they found the net twice, Jaap booting the ball in once and Forrest following this with a nice kick. The final tally was made by Gillespie as the game neared its close. The steelmen were successful in keeping the ball near the Providence goal for almost the entire second period and only the quickness of Nicol, the providence goalie, frustrated further goals by the locals.

MacGregor, lobbing high to the goal, booted the ball to Jaap who tried for the net and missed but recovering on the second try when the ball rebounded from the crossbar, sent it in for the second score.

Within five minutes after this score the Bethlehem team found the goal the third time Forrest accounting for this one when he tallied on cross from Gillespie.

The final score of the day was made on what was perhaps the most spectacular play of the game. Taking the ball, Johnnie Jaap made a pretty run down the field and crossed to Gillespie, who neatly sent the ball into the net despite the efforts of Nicol and his teammates.

In this last half the visitors never seriously threatened the Bethlehem goal and the ball was near it only at infrequent intervals. During the first half they threatened several times and Edwards the Steel goalie, prevented the score in close scrimmages.

Late in the first half Robertson, the Bethlehem left halfback, was injured and was taken out, Carnihan going in in his place. When the second half opened Sam Fletcher, former Bethlehem fullback was playing in the outside right position for the visitors, having been substituted for Barrone.

The lineup:

Bethlehem – Providence
Edwards – G -- Nicol
Barrie – RFB – J. Lyons
Allen – LFB -- Abel
MacGregor – RHB -- Renfrew
Raeside – CHB -- Ralston
Robertson – LHB -- Auld
Jaap – OR -- Barrone
Granger – IR – Jim Lyons
Gillespie – CF -- McLaine
Forrest – IL -- Abdullah
Goldie – OL -- Florie
Referee: J. Hayes. Goals – Forrest 2, Jaap, Gillespie. Linesmen – Dixon and Bamford. Substitutions: Bethlehem – Carnihan for Robertson; Providence – Fletcher for Barrone.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club