The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, November 24, 1913 - editorial

In lengthy account graphically portraying the contest and with headlines of boldest type prominently displayed was the advertisement of the Bethlehems in yesterday's journals, the narrative of victory on the gridiron and the maintenance and the elevation of the Bethlehems team's fair name in soccer. This was in Massachusetts where the home eleven kept aloft Bethlehem's banner in the plain view of the sporting world. The prowess of the Bethlehems team on Saturday places it one step nearer the national championship. The game resulting the elimination of a strong team from the tourney [ . . . ] on a strange field is a result worthy of the notice and the victory from start to finish indelibly fixed the name of Bethlehem in Holyoke. A team which can do as the Bethlehem did on Saturday surely is worthy of home encouragement and generous support.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club