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Monday, November 24, 1913 - Front Page
Holyoke Wins Toss and Selected to Play With Sun in Visitor's Eyes. Bethlehem's Superior Defense - Bethlehem's Forwards Change Tactics in Second Half.

At Holyoke, Mass., on Saturday the Bethlehem A.F. club did [ . . . ] proud in eliminating the Holyoke team in the second round of the American Cup Competition by the score of 3-1. The largest crowd of the season witnessed the contest, besides it proved to be the best exhibition of soccer ever seen at Holyoke.

Holyoke Wins Toss.
Game was called at 2:45 p.m. Holyoke won the toss and selected to play with the sun at its back. The first ten minutes Bethlehem put Holyoke on the defensive but the efforts of the Bethlehem forwards were not productive. From this stage the game became more even and for the next fifteen minutes both sides were called on to save. The forwards of the Holyoke team were becoming more dangerous every minute and only the superb defense of the Bethlehem backs prevented the Holyoke team from running up a large score. However, just a few minutes before the ending of the first half, in a scrimmage in front of the Bethlehem goal, Hall for Holyoke headed the ball into the net for the home team's first score, Love having no chance to save. The half ended, Holyoke 1, Bethlehem O.

Change Tactics.
During the interval Capt. Peacock showed them the mistakes of the first half. On the resumption of play the Bethlehem forwards change tactics and kept swinging the ball from one side to the other completely bewildering the Holyoke defense. The second half had not been in progress more than five minutes when Galbraith from a cross-kick gave the Bethlehems its first goal, Hirst having no chance to save.

It was a splendid shot and the first score seemed to weaken the Holyoke defense for on the resumption of play Bethlehem continued to press, Fleming centering the ball splendidly and Lewis scored Bethlehem's second goal. Play was now getting reckless with Holyoke, much on the offense and the Bethlehem defense proved itself its mettle by repulsing the attack. Morrison and Galbraith were injured at this time but both pluckily resumed play. Lance and Donaghy helped the defense considerably at this point, Bethlehem being content with preventing Holyoke from scoring. However, on a pass from Lance to Fleming near the center of the field, the latter worked his way down the field single handed and scored a wonderful goal. This final goal settled the game beyond all doubt for with only a few minutes to play, Bethlehem was content to give their strong opponents an exhibition of passing much to the delight of the spectators. The whistle finally blew with Bethlehem winning by the score of 3-1. For the home team Hirst, Arnold Moodie and Littlejohn played best, while for the steel workers, Morrison was the keystone with McKelvey, Peacock, Stewart and Fleming ably assisting. The line-up:

Holyoke - Bethlehem
Hirst - Goal -- Love
Burnett -- R.F.B. -- McKelvy
Littlejohn -- L.H.B. -- Peacock
Moodie -- R.H.B. -- Stewart
Gammie -- C.H.B. -- Morrison
McKinstrie -- L.H.B. -- Lawler
Bowdall -- O.L. -- Fleming
Hall -- I.L. -- Donaghy
Chrickshank -- C.F. -- Lance
Lytzen -- I.R. -- Lewis
Arnold -- O.R. -- Galbraith.
Goals scored - Galbraith 1, Lewis 1, Fleming 1; Hall 1. Referee - Milne, New Haven, Conn. Linemenn - Shackleton and Scott. Time - 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club