The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 24, 1924
In Addition Two Players are Crippled in Fall River Contest.

Playing against Fall River, National champions, with nine men, Bethlehem Steel not only lost two points in the league race but was badly crippled when two of the most dependable players on the squad, incidentally both forwards, one at the inside berth and the other a wingman, were carried off the field serious hurt. The players were Goldie, the speedy outside left, and "Sturdy" Maxwell, who playing in his best form this season, was brilliant at inside right. The full extent of the injuries will not be ascertained until the team arrives home this noon.

Handicapped by the loss of two players while Fall River was bolstered with the addition of Croft, the Irish Internationalist who recently deserted European soccer, the Steel Workers waged a determined fight against the National champions and league leaders but the odds were too great to overcome and the Bethlehem clan was forced to bow in defeat. Fall River won by the score of 2 goals to none, one of which goals was scored on a penalty kick against "Jock" Young.

This reverse coming after losing to Coats on Saturday by the score of 4 to 3 impaired materially the chances of the Steel Workers in capturing the pennant in the American Soccer League race. But one point separated them from first place before leaving on the weekend trip. By defeating Bethlehem, Fall River has greatly improved its standing.

Lose to Coats

Coming from behind Coats defeated Bethlehem in a great uphill battle when victory seemed certain for the Steel Workers.

Coats broke the lee in the first few minutes of play, when Hogg netted on a corner kick from McAvoy. Bethlehem, following brilliant work by Goldie and Stark, soon forged ahead and at half time the visitors were in the lead 3 to 2. Soon after the opening of the second half Drummond tied the score by beating Highfield on a great pass from Sweeney. It looked like a drawn game until five minutes before the close when Drummond netted for the goal that won.

J & P Coats -- Bethlehem
Lappin -- G -- Highfield
Stevenson -- RFB -- Ferguson
Allen -- LFB -- Young
Adams -- RHB -- Robertson
Perry -- CHB -- McElroy
McAvoy -- LHB -- McDonald
Drummond -- OR -- Turner
Harvie -- IR -- Granger
Hibbert -- CF -- Stark
Sweeney -- IL -- Maxwell
Hogg -- OL -- Goldie
Goals: Hogg, Goldie 2; Drummond 3; Stark. Referee: Hart. Linesmen: Murray and Carroll. Time: 45 minute halves.

Drop Game to Fall River

Scoring both goals in the second period after Bethlehem had lost two men due to injuries, Fall River defeated the Steel Workers in a game played at Tiverton, R. I.

Bethlehem played a greater part of the game with nine men. Goldie, the fast outside left, was badly hurt early in the fray and had to be carried off the field, and a few minutes later Maxwell was expelled after a mix-up with Fryer, who was also forced out by the referee.

The Steel Workers, however, played a snappy game and held Fall River scoreless well into the second half.

McPherson was first to tally, making good on a penalty kick, the penalty having been called on Young. Near the end of the game, Campbell scored the second tally when he headed the ball into goal on a pass from Reid.

In the Fall River game Bethlehem got the worst handling of their career. The official in charge of the game allowed Fall River to do about almost anything they pleased with the result that Bethlehem finished the game with only ten men, and several of them unfit, at that. Goldie was severely injured in the first ten minutes and had to be carried from the field. He went up to head a ball and McPherson, the Fall River halfback, got under him and then let him fall to the ground. The action was deliberate and a penalty should have been awarded, but the referee took no notice of it.

Shortly after Goldie was removed, Maxwell was the victim of unnecessary attentions from Fryer. After a particularly rough charge by the latter, Maxwell got up from the ground and, before he was aware of it, he received a blow in the face by Fryer. The referee plainly saw the incident and he immediately ordered Fryer off the field and told Maxwell to remain. The Fall River player tried to make the official change his mind and Maxwell went over to the referee to plead for Fryer. By this time a second of the crowd was calling for both to be put off and the referee apparently wanted to satisfy them, when their attitude became menacing, and Maxwell was also ordered off, terminating the most disgraceful and unjust incident that a Bethlehem player has ever been a victim of. Throughout the rest of the game, Bethlehem had only three forwards but they gamely fought against great odds.

The summary:

Fall River -- Bethlehem
Kerr -- G -- Highfield
Tate -- RFB -- McDonald
Kemp -- LFB -- Young
McPherson -- RHB -- Carnihan
Raeside -- CHB -- McGregor
Fryer -- LHB -- Robertson
Reid -- OR -- Forrest
Craft -- IR -- Maxwell
Campbell -- CF -- Stark
Morley -- IL -- Rollo
McGovern -- OL -- Goldie
Goals: McPherson, Campbell. Referee: A. Hart. Linesmen: Boyce and Sterrup. Time: 45-minute halves.

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