The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 25, 1918
Series May be held in January and Would Really Decide national Championship

If the plans materialize, the Bethlehem F. C., will go through the most extensive season in the history of association football. It is announced that the Steel Workers have accepted an invitation from the California Football Association to play in intersectional series of five games on the Pacific coast, the series to be decided during the Christmas holidays or early in January. This will be their first appearance of the Eastern players west of Kansas City. Arrangements are also being made to play at El Paso, Dallas, St. Louis and Detroit on the return trip.

The game in California would bring the Steel Workers in conflict with the team representing the Union Iron Works, a subsidiary of the Bethlehem Steel Company. The Steel Workers have attained the title of undisputed champions of the United States, but this is disputed somewhat by the Western clubs due to the fact that the strong Eastern teams have never appeared in an inter-sectional contest.

While these games loom up as an important event, probably the most important is the visit of Bethlehem club to Ontario, Canada, for a return engagement with the pick of the Canadian team they defeated at Newark, N. J., Sunday a week ago. Canada is all agog over the forthcoming game and it is expected that the proceeds will establish a record for the Dominion. The Mayor of the city is taking a keen interest and it is expected that the city will give the Bethlehem players a civic reception. Those responsible for the team that will meet Bethlehem have made many changes in the lineup since the defeat at Newark. New men are Campbell, Brownlee, Barron, Herring and Walker. The pitch on which the game will be played is within a model enclosure called the "Varsity Stadium" and is as level as a billiard table and the grass like a bowling green.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club