The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, December 26, 1917
Tacony Eleven Defeated in Return National League Game, 4-0
Steelworkers Score Three Goals in First Half, and Duncan Stops Local Teams Goal Shots.

Yesterday on the Bethlehem Steel athletic field, Bethlehem Steel defeated Disston in a National League game by the score of 4 goals to 0. The Sawmakers were outclassed and did not look anything like the team that defeated the Steel Workers at Tacony.
Captain Pepper won the toss for Bethlehem and it was early apparent the game would be a fast and keen struggle with endurance and physical condition playing a prominent part. After two minutes' play around midfield the Steel Workers' forward line initiated a movement that ended in Pepper opening the scoring with a beautiful drive from the twelve-yard line. On the restart Disston took up the running. After some clever work Barrett sent a cross shot from the left that just skinned the cross bar. This narrow escape had its effect on the steel workers and they returned to the attack with more determination than ever. Ratican then cleverly capped a hard drive from Easton that the goalkeeper stopped, but could not clear, backheeling the ball into the net from two yards out. This success seemed to take the dash out of the Sawmakers and the Steel Workers' half back line easily broke up any efforts at concerted attack and consistently fed the forwards which resulted in Pepper registering the third goal after a movement that was participated in by the entire forward line. The interval found the Steel Workers pressing hard. Score: Bethlehem 3, Disston 0.

On the restart Disston made a brilliant effort to make up the leeway but the Bethlehem defense was impregnable and the visitors were seldom really dangerous. Both teams found it difficult to retain their footing on the treacherous ground but nevertheless gave a wonderful display the ball traveling fast from one goal to the other. Duncan was given more to do in this half but was in good form and handled all shots that came his way with ease. In the latter part of this half the Steel Workers once more asserted their superiority and after Easton had missed a beautiful chance from four yards out, Murray scored the Steel Workers fourth goal by cleverly following up a clearance from Williams, the Disston left fullback. This goal had a great effect on Disston and they were never afterwards really dangerous. Lynch at center forward was the only man that ever really looked like breaking through, but Campbell took good care of him, covering his every movement, and the final whistle found the play in Disston territory. For Disston Pearce and Lynch played best. For the Steel Workers no player was more prominent than the other, every man contributing to one of the best displays of soccer ever seen in Bethlehem. Lineup:

Disston -- Beth. Steel.
Pearce -- G -- Duncan
Mathews -- RFB -- Fletcher
Wilson -- LFB -- Ferguson
Thomas -- RHB -- Murray
Fisher -- CHB -- Campbell
Graham -- LHB -- Kirkpatrick
Andrews -- OR -- Murphy
Hyslop -- IR -- Pepper
Lynch -- CF -- Ratican
Burnett -- IL -- Easton
Barrett -- OL -- Fleming
Linesmen -- Stewart, Disston; Morrison, Bethlehem. Referee -- Kerr, Philadelphia. Goals -- Pepper 2, Ratican, Murray. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club