The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 26, 1923
Philadelphia F. C. Eliminated On Saturday from American Cup Tie

The Bethlehem F. C. added to the laurels attained thus far this season at the expense of the Philadelphia F. C., eliminating the latter in the American Cup competition on Saturday afternoon in the Phillies' ball park by taking the second round by the score of 2 to 1.

The Steel Workers, held scoreless in the opening half while the Phillies tallied their lone goal in this session, came up from behind with a rush and at the final whistle had counted enough goals to give them victory. To the lot of Bethlehem will it fall next Saturday to either eliminate or be eliminated in the National Cup competition when the Phillies invade the Steel field as the foe in the latter competition.

On the day's play Bethlehem was the better team and far better than the score indicates. The visiting delegation outclassed that of their rival opponents in every department with the brilliancy bring equally divided in both the back and forward line.

For the most the Phillies were kept on the defensive and only occasionally would they inaugurate a forward movement. However, the Quaker City forwards lacked the finish and their attack seldom advanced beyond the zone of the backs. The Ferguson brothers, "Jock" and Davy, as usual, were very much in evidence, while McGregor, the center halfback, playing the position since the injury to Captain Carnihan, contributed materially in breaking up the Phillies' forward movement.

While the margin of Bethlehem's victory was but one goal this advantage in no wise describes the superiority apparent at all times throughout the game. On more than one occasion it was just hard luck and by no means poor shooting of the Bethlehem forwards that prevented them from adding more points. The Jacksons, brothers also, reinforced by the speedy Goldie, Grainger and Turner, were constantly a source of great concern to the Phillies' back. This combination more than once slipped by the defense and worked to within close range and with Ward, the Phillies' goalkeeper beaten, only to have the elements of the game against them in their parting shots. This was particularly true in the second half when two of the shots hit the post and crossbar with the goalie out-guessed.

However, the Phillies worked hard in their effort to flag the Steel Workers, who again this season seem well started in grabbing some of the honors that have been lost in the last year or two. The one goal margin was the second time this year that the Phillies succeeded in holding Bethlehem that close and if nothing more, this fact should inspire them to more confidence when they exhibit against the Steel Workers on the latter's home grounds next Saturday afternoon.

Working with the precision and the teamwork of a well-oiled machine, the one goal margin piled up by the Phillies in the opening half did not seem in the least to perturb the Bethlehem clan. Probably because the forwards found little trouble in penetrating the Phillies' defense and felt that one goal at least must be the reward for their almost constant pressing.

The Phillies goal was counted forty minutes after play started and resulted from a splendid cross by McClure, Duncan, who had received the sphere from a neat pass from Clark, crossed it over to the center forward, Braidford, who was so well placed that before Highfield had time to set himself for the shot, the ball was in the net.

Bethlehem's first goal came early in the second half when Goldie placed beautifully to the very mouth of the net and A. Jackson, with his head, gave the sphere the impetus and direction that landed it into the net. Again it was a Jackson that scored for Bethlehem, but this time W. Jackson, the elder brother of the Jackson duo, who succeeded in sliding the ball into the net after several minutes of constant bombardment on the part of Bethlehem's front ranks. The lineup:

Phillies -- Bethlehem
Ward -- G -- Highfield
McLaughlin -- RFB -- D. Ferguson
Graham -- LFB -- J. Ferguson
Burnett -- RHB - -Rattray
Clark -- CHB -- McGregor
Fullerton -- LHB -- Terris
Duncan -- OR -- Turner
McClure -- IR -- A. Jackson
Braidford -- CF -- W. Jackson
Curran -- IL -- Grainger
Andrews -- OL -- Goldie
Final score, Bethlehem 2, Phillies 1. Half-time score, Phillies 1, Bethlehem 0. Goals for Bethlehem, A. and W. Jackson; for Phillies, Grainger. Referee, McCabe. Linesman for Phillies, Belton. For Bethlehem, Murray. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club