Bethlehem Globe
Monday, November 28, 1927
New York Team Blanked 2 to 0 on the Local Pitch Saturday.

The Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club looked like real champions in the game against the New York Giants here on Saturday afternoon, outplaying the Gotham booters in the American League contest in every department of the game, but were miserably weak with their finishing shots.

The numbers of 2 to 0, the margin by which the Steelmen accounted for their victory, do not near describe the superiority of the Bethlehem team. Almost continually the Steelmen monopolized the attacking and fairly rained the citadel at both ends of the field with shots.

Early in the game Gillespie missed an opportunity from close range with no one to beat but the goalie. Stark and Jaap, each shot by when a goal seemed immanent and Goldie free on more than one occasion was not only weak in finishing but his centering was not as accurate as that characteristic of this speedy left wing.

Every man on the Bethlehem forward line had more than one opportunity to put his team in the lead but seemed indifferent in their shots at the net. Those that were labeled were handled by McLure, who was between the uprights in place of Fabian.

But the continuous attack could not be completely denied although the scoring was delayed until after forty-three minutes of play in the first half. Then with but two more minutes to go before turning around Granger broke away at midfield and cleverly eluding the visiting backs, advanced close to goal. With the defense drawn toward him he shot a short pass to Gillespie to the right and the latter with a rifle shot placed the ball in the far corner of the net.

Good All-Around Attack

Whitey McDonald, a halfback, paired off with McMeekin at right back and played a whale of a game. In fact, with McDonald, at back on Saturday, performed as brilliantly as the […] with the halfbacks and on his game […] Saturday […] a question whether he is not more capable as a back. […] McMeekin and McDonald registered distance to their clearances and never failed to get the gall out of their territory. The flashy Davy Brown playing center forward, was […}tely […] and of the opportu[…] the Giants experienced it was usually the right wing of Schwartz and Hausler who advanced closest to the Bethlehem goal but hurried in their […], shot bye.

While seemingly somewhat listless the game became more spirited after the restart and in the closing minutes of play waged quite bitterly. Bethlehem again did most of the attacking but not until the last minute of play did they score, Stark this time, notching the goal after heading a short center from Gillespie whose pass was made from a rather torrid scrimmage close to the touchline.

New Goalie Plays

Bethlehem field a club with a new goalie, Cecil Brown by name and lat of the […] team of Canada. He arrived in Bethlehem lat in the week to replace the injured Dave Edwards as custodian. Brown has a good kick but was hardly tested for he was seldom called upon to handle. However, the shots he did handle he did in impressive style and it is believed he will prove a valuable asset to the club during the indisposition of the goalie.

The run of the game might best be described by the number of corner kicks of which Bethlehem forced four in the first half and five in the second half, for a total of nine. Only two corner kicks were conceded to the Giants and both of these came in the first half. The lineup:

Bethlehem – N. Y. Giants
C. Brown – G – McLure
McDonald – RFB – Schillinger
McMeekin – LFB – Moorehouse
W. Reid – RHB – Cameron
Carnihan – CHB – Guttman
McGregor – LHB – Herd
Gillespie – OR –- Schwartz
Granger – IR – Hausler
Stark – CF – D. Brown
Jaap – IL – Gruenwald
Goldie – OL – O’Brien

Goals – Gillespie, Stark. Substitutions: McConnell for Goldie. Referee – Mose Bloom, New York. Linesmen, J. H. Carpenter and Horace Williams. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club