The Globe – South Bethlehem
Monday, November 30, 1914
Clan McDonald Eliminated in Second Round of American Cup Competition.

The Clan McDonald, Brooklyn, N. Y., was eliminated, Saturday, by Bethlehems, two goals to none, in a second round American Cup contest. From the moment the whistle blew at the beginning of the game there was not a doubt but that Bethlehems was the superior team although the visitors must be given all kinds of credit for the great defensive game played.

Bethlehems won the toss and Clan McDonald had to face the sun and wind. Bethlehems started off with a rush, Ford carrying the ball to the goal line, centered to Miller, who passed to Fleming, but he shot too high for goal. The McDonald team broke away, but was soon checked by Bethlehems’ half-backs. The locals then began to set a fast pace, Wilson, the visitors’ goal keeper, making many remarkable saves. The Bethlehems’ forward line here showed in marked contrast to the McDonald forward line, the locals displaying combination and speed, while the visitors were very erratic.

In attack on the McDonald goal, after playing had gone for twenty minutes without a score, Ford lifted the ball from the right corner of the field in front of the goal, where Pepper headed into the net, Wilson saving finely, but in clearing he dropped the globe and Miller rushing in, scored the first point for Bethlehems amid much cheering.

On the restart, the McDonalds broke away, Scaife saving. Play was again transferred to the visitor’s territory; Ross stopping a run by the Bethlehems’ left wing at the expense of a corner. Shortly afterwards the Bethlehems’ forward line carried the ball to the mouth of the goal, Pepper scoring with a hard low drive.

The line-up:
McDonalds -- Bethlehems
Wilson – goal -- Scaife
Bibbs – right fullback -- Murray
I. Ross – left fullback -- Lance
Dyer – right halfback -- Campbell
McCanns – center halfback -- Clark
Ayar – left halfback -- Morris
Pierson – outside right -- Ford
D. Ross – inside right -- Graham
Mitchell – center forward -- Miller
McChesnie – inside left – Pepper
Ferguson – outside left -- Fleming
Goals, Miller, Pepper. Referee, James Walders, Philadelphia. Linesmen, Harrison, Bethlehems; MacCullough, Brooklyn. Time of halves, forty-five minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club