The Globe -- Bethlehem
November 30, 1927
Two Speedy Teams to Clash on Lehigh Field -- Bethlehem Wants Victory

A bitter battle is forecast on Saturday afternoon as Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club engage Fall River in an American Soccer League game, and one which by the outcome means much to both clubs in the final lap of the league race.

It will not be long before the clubs will be drawn for the cup affairs and before this time it is usual to see them determined in landing in a commanding position in the league standing. Fall River comes to Bethlehem smarting not only under the sting of two defeats but more since the team was defeated by Bethlehem on the home grounds last Sunday for the first time since the season of 1925

It is on very rare occasions that any of the league clubs have assumed the whip hand in conflicts with Fall River but as the record now stands involving the Steelmen and the Marksmen, the latter have yet to count their first victory over Bethlehem. The first game between these rivals was played in Bethlehem and the latter club collected the two points by virtue of a 4 to 2 victory. Last Sunday after a hard game against the New York Giants on the home lot the day previous, the Steelmen standing up well under the long and tiresome trip to Fall River, won by the score of 1 to 0.

The latter victory has seemed to put new life into the Steelmen who all season have fought valiantly under the stress of injuries to take a commanding position in the league race. This stand was not acquired until the last weekend and the Fall River helped boost the locals into second position, runner-up to New Bedford with but two points separating as the difference.

The drastic re-arrangement of the forward line which has now been kept intact for the last four or five games, is seemingly working out with the desired result. At any rate Bethlehem has continued garnering victories which endorses the wisdom of the management. Archie Stark, center forward, has again found himself in position and is resuming the stride that earned him the recognition of the best center forward in the league.

Fortunately the physical condition of the team at this time is such that the management can field its best forward line and with the exception of one position the arrangement for Fall River will undoubtedly have Stark at center; Jaap and Goldie, on the left wing, and Tom Gillespie, former center, at outside right. For the inside right position Granger is given preference although McConnell and Rollo are two forwards who can substitute on the forward line without any apparent weakness. Gillespie, a former wing before joining Bethlehem but shifted to center forward, experienced a little trouble in attaining his stride in his old position but his efforts in the last two games is convincing that he is again thoroughly at home.

While the goal scoring possibilities have undoubtedly been increased, the matter of strengthening the defense during the indisposition of several of the backs has also been solved with the inclusion of McDonald, a halfback at the right back position. McDonald, a halfback, at the right back position. McDonald ranks with the club's versatile players and is proving a tower of strength as a back. At the same time W. Reid is capably performing in the position vacated by McDonald on the halfback line.

While during the stage of injuries worries were more directly centered in the custodian and those worries became quite acute when Dave Edwards was injured. But they are seemingly now dispensed with the acquisition of Cecil Brown, former Canadian goalie, who joined the club last week and in time to play two games. In the Giants game here he was hardly tested for the Giants seldom raided the Bethlehem goal. But in Fall River he had plenty to do and did it so well that it is hinted Edwards might have to hustle when thoroughly recovered to replace the newcomer between the uprights. Brown had a good kick in clearing but most impressing is his cool and deliberate handling under fire. Fall River tested him and failed to notch a goal. And it is quite certain that Fall River will again apply the test to Brown on their visit on Saturday afternoon and it will probably be the first opportunity local boosters have to see this newcomer under fire.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club