The Globe -- Bethlehem
November 30, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bring on the Marksmen
With two victories over the national champions in as many starts, Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club will get another slap at Fall River on Saturday afternoon when the Marksmen come to Bethlehem for a league game. It was at the expense of the Marksmen that Bethlehem sauntered into second place at the league standing and it may again be at the expense of the marksmen that Bethlehem strengthens its hold on this position. Interest usually runs rampant when Fall River, Boston, or any of the New York teams visits the home confines of the Steelmen and this interest inspired by the bitter rivalry among the above named clubs promises to be even more pronounced when Fall River makes its second visit to Bethlehem. Many lovers of outdoor sport, not yet the confirmed soccer fan, has succeeded in making him or herself believe that he can't get a thrill in a soccer game. Perhaps it was her or his misfortune to witness one of those listless battles or one-sided affairs which are played occasionally and then hung up satisfied that soccer is just a game of kicking and heading the ball around the field and entirely devoid of thrills. It might be suggested that the lukewarm devotee take advantage of the opportunity of seeing the Steelmen battle Fall River, especially at this stage of the season when every point counts in the final lap in the league race. There is plenty more to soccer than merely kicking the ball around the field. An accurate drive to a pass, the deft touch of the head, the swerving of the ball are but a few of the fundamentals at which to marvel. And as for personal contact, the injection of the American style, which is kick and rush, combined with the clever manipulation and passing adopted from the old country, leave nothing wanted by the lover of outdoor sports. Bitter combat, give and take, is a style of play characteristic when these two teams meet. Both teams will be playing to retain the prestige in which they have dominated the soccer world for the last several seasons.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club