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Monday, December 1, 1913 - Front Page
Twelve Hundred See Contest - Best Exhibition of Teamwork Ever Seen on East End Field - Was First Division Allied League Game - Four Goals in Each Period.

A veritable bombardment of its opponent's goal characterized the work of the champion Bethlehems' soccer team in its Saturday against the West Philadelphia team on East End field. It was a first division Allied League match and the best exhibition of team work on the part of the home team that ever was witnessed hereabouts.

Twelve hundred fans watched the steel workers run up eight goals to the visitor's one. Bethlehem won the toss and chose to defend the east goal. The first score came after sixteen minutes of play. The locals worked the ball from their own territory by the cross-fire method and Lewis by a [ . . . ] shot after a splendid pass from Fleming landed the ball in the net. This temporary advantage was lost in the next three minutes. A. Dogherty of the visiting team working the ball out of a mass of players in front of Bethlehems' goal and scoring with a drive which was impossible to stop.

It was the impetus the locals needed and the West Philadelphians thereafter failed to show an effective defense against them. Donaghy scored the second goal from a center shot by Galbraith.

In exactly four kicks of the cross-fire variety Bethlehems again brought the ball in front of West Philadelphia's goal and on a hard kick by Lewis the visitor's goal keeper tried hard to bat the ball down with his hands but the ball went through for another tally.

The visitors fouled shortly after play was resumed and on a relay from the kick-off Lance drove the ball into the net for another score.

Bethlehems had two more chances to score in this period, Galbraith missing a penalty kick and Lewis sacrificed accuracy for speed in his try, which was about twenty yards in front of the net.

Second Period.
Within a few minutes of the resumption of play Kendall of the visitors missed a penalty kick after a foul by Donaghy, Fleming received a pass from Lance and after dribbling the ball for thirty-five yards kicked a pretty goal. The play gave the fans an excellent insight into the science of the game.

A ludicrous situation was enacted in the scoring of the next goal. The ball was dribbled and passed from the center of the field to within ten years of West Philadelphia's goal and Galbraith's kick hit the goal keeper in the stomach and the ball rebounded directly in front of Lance. Lance's vicious kick sent the ball flying into the goal keeper, knocking him down. The ball again rebounded and Donaghy before the keeper could arise sent the ball crashing into the net. It seemed as if he tried to drive it through the fence.

The goal keeper of the visiting team was up in the air, for [ . . . ] when Fleming in a teasing way dribbled the ball to within a few feet of him and as he ran out to get the ball, Fleming passed it to Lance a few feet away. Lance immediately kicked and the ball bounded from the keeper's head and shot into the net.

Galbraith registered the last point of the game with a kick which the opposing goal keeper failed to hold. Fleming received a kick on the knee which incapacitated him for a time. The game ended a few minutes after they resumed play. The line-up:

Bethlehem -- West Philadelphia
Love -- G -- Davey
McKelvey -- R.F.B. -- Cannon
Peacock -- L.F.B. -- J. Dougherty
Stewart -- R.H.B. -- McGowan
Morrison -- C.H.B. -- Fisher
Lawler -- L.H.B. -- Anderson
Galbraith -- O.R. -- Causey
Lewis -- I.R. -- Kendall
Lance -- C.F. -- A. Dougherty
Donaghy -- I.L. -- Irwin
Fleming -- O.L -- Knott
Goals: Lewis 2, Lance 2, Donaghy 2, Fleming, Galbraith; A. Doghery. Referees W. Mayne, Philadelphia. Linesmen J. Lawler, Bethlehem , R. Wallow, Philadelphia. Time of Halves - 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club